Volume II // 06.06.20

Guest Wax 

At Dance Wax we always unearth the best old records and new releases. We  are always speaking to artists to get an exclusive lowdown on what they are listening to as well as their recent movements. Nothing formal, just an insight into what your favourite producers are jamming to. Rules are simple, we ask our guest for their current five favourite records.

Volume II: Guest Wax hosts...


When talking about Atroxx two words come to mind; 'Relentless Techno'. For those of you who don’t know, Atroxx is an artist hailing from Montreal, whose music is currently hard-hitting and certainly not for the faint hearted. Riddled with industrial undertones, it is the kind of music that forcefully slams through the speakers and never subsides. As deep and dark basslines swarm the dance floor, vibrant melodies are also mixed in to create a unique grooving sound. Inspired by the work of Slipknot and Nine Inch Nails, Atroxx's metal background seeps into his productions creating an aggressive soundtrack...but in a fulfilling sense. It is no coincidence then, that the word Atrox in Latin means fierce, savage and cruel.


If one packages driving bass with dark echoing vocals and then inserts abrasive percussion samples you create tracks such as Optical Converter. Released on Octopus Recordings in 2019, Atroxx collabed with like minded French producer, The Reactivitz, to create four hugely powerful tracks which contain a mix of driving bass and trippy synth noises. This followed a previous release on which the pair worked in tandem. Only a few months prior had the duo released Black Rune, another floor crusher in his already extensive catalogue. Due to his consistent and clean productions, Atroxx has already received high praise from well known artists within the scene. Videos have been doing the rounds on social media over the past months showing Drumcode titan Adam Beyer dropping Adrift at Resistance Ibiza, as well as Pan Pot unleashing Nothing Left at dance music festival Creamfields.

It is important to mention that Atroxx believes in diversity and variation. He believes music is an expression that varies from mood to mood. In the past Atroxx has released some lighter work. His productions can be unearthed to reveal more melodic soundtracks, such as Octave Shift and Buzzing. Whilst these are slightly more tuneful, the dark undertones remain. Yet, the journey Atroxx has taken us on moves away from this, to a more aggressive area, demonstrated by tracks such as Undefined Primal Instinct. The diversity and freedom that Atroxx showcases within his record catalogue is undeniably impressive and refreshing. After all, music is a connection and a sense of self-expression which must be cherished. 

These musical expressions that Atroxx so passionately believes in are displayed on his very own record label, Starskream. Founded in 2017, the Funk n Deep and Unity Records artist wanted to create a platform to release hard-hitting heavy techno, with a distinct metal edge in its output. Transmitting these sounds to Berlin's eloquent techno palate has proven a huge success, and the label continues to inspire young artists from around the world.


Whilst his music may be relentless and unforgiving, it is apparent when chatting with Atroxx that he is modest, humble and appreciative. Often does he share his thanks with like-minded people who possess the same passion for this relentless style of production. Check him out...

Top Five Wax Takeover w/ Atroxx

1. Regal - Ego Wars

Gabriel Cassina, aka Regal, shouldn’t need much of an introduction. Breaking onto the techno scene back in 2012, he has effectively established himself as one of the most proficient techno DJ’s in the world. Regal preys upon snippets of sound hailing from all over the electronic sphere. From trance chords to acid waves, he tailors his melodies to create blistering techno tracks. Ego Wars is no different. 

Released on BPitch (Berlin), Ego Wars focuses more on the melodic side (if you can call it that). In the past Regal’s music has focussed heavily on acidic squelches and early hardcore, however tracks such as Anhedonia and Fuck Making Love highlights the emerging popularity of the ‘trancier’ side of techno. Whilst the EP is a fierce yet refreshing release from Regal, the tracks will no doubt cause a bit of a scene in the clubs.


A1. Ego Wars

A2. Anhedonia

B1. Fuck Making Love

B2. Fuck Making Love (Remix)

2. JLTZ - Close Encounters

Recently, JLTZ has found a channel through which he is able to connect his emotions to the outer world. It seems as though music is his source of inspiration which influences his actions, pushing him to find the creative spirit deep inside which transfers into music productions. Although JLTZ surrounded himself with the ‘new’ house of the early 2000’s, slowly but surely this seeped into the more plastic-minimal techno genre, thus paving his way to the club culture. Eventually with the production of harder-hitting beats, JLTZ has started to gain a fair bit of traction and has released a catalogue of records. Most noticeably, his work Paranoid and Dejection have been launched through well established Dutch techno label, Planet Rhythm.


Backed by labels such as Planet Rhythm and Human Records, JLTZ has released Close Encounters with confidence. Containing dark and introspective essences, JLTZ’s sound designs are easily recognisable. The EP contains five high energy tracks smothered with modular samples that will do some damage to any club.


A1. Rotary Scanner

A2. Hard Landing

B1. Evolving Creatures

B2. Space Invaders

3. Lag & Rebekah - Split EP

With over twenty years of turntable experience, Rebekah has established herself as one of the leading exponents of techno. Growing up in Birmingham and regularly attending the infamous Que Club, her music prowess was initially influenced by the legendary likes of Dave Clark, Derrick Carter and Richie Hawtin. The fact she is now surrounded by this calibre of people should speak for itself. Twenty years later, she is hosting her own Rinse FM show, coupled with running her own record label ‘Elements’, all whilst playing at the world’s leading venues and festivals. 


Rebekah is now inspiring a new generation of techno enthusiasts with her uncompromising productions, one of whom is Serbian-born Lag. At the forefront of the new wave of techno artists, Lag produces gritty and sonic sounding music which has the capability to hypnotise any listener. Put these two together and you get Split. Released on Element’s, the duo have produced an extremely destructive EP. Raw and jaw-breaking is probably the best way to describe it. Let’s leave it at that.


A1. Rutra 

A2. Rutra (Rebekah Remix)

B1. Beneath The Surface

B2. Beneath The Surface (Lag Remix)

4. A.Paul - Alienation

The portugeause maestro is one of techno’s most experienced and prolific artists in the world. Having spent over thirty years within the scene, A.Paul has earned global respect through his production techniques and originality in sets. So much so, that in the early 2000’s he was voted best Portueguease DJ for three consecutive years, but this was nothing compared to what he has done for the country’s overall underground movement. Since the Porteuaguese techno scene had become stagnant during this period, he switched focus from DJing to regular production. 


A.Paul’s catalogue of record releases can be numbered as 100+, along with numerous CD compilations and remixing artists such as Ben Sims, The Advent and T-1000. The list could go on, however focus should be switched to his Alienation EP. Released on Sleaze Records, it features three classic A.Paul rollers as well as high quality remixes from Porteuaguese artists Temudo and Robert S.


A1. Alienation

A2. Alienation (Temudo Remix)

B1. 5th Destiny

B2. 5th Destiny (Robert S. Remix)

B3. Building Clones

5. Tim Tama - Wave Of Nostalgia

At the age of 22, Tim Tama has already taken the techno scene by storm. Over time, he has naturally gravitated towards the genre we all love. Having grown up listening to heavy metal bands such as Dream Theatre, his tastes gradually evolved to softer variants of techno such as deep and tech house. Due to his love affair for harder metal sounds he started to become more attuned to heavy and industrial techno. His sound can be described as a mixture of hard-hitting drums and cinematic strings, providing a hypnotic backdrop to become lost within. Having already released material on the likes of Obscuur Records and Taro, Tama epitomises innovation with no release of his the same. 


Waves of Nostalgia follows this trend. Released on well regarded label ARTS, Tama presents himself with his unmatchable skills and attention to details. Whilst containing a hip-hop twist, this EP proves a sense of maturity for young Tama, but without letting the fun go. Inspired by the sounds of drums and percussion, Waves of Nostalgia produces a totally unique universe.


A1. Something True

A2. Wave Of Nostalgia

B1. Designed 4DA Mind

B2. Lavender



Check out Atroxx's label, Starskream. They are currently hosting a weekly 'Liveskream', a livestream showcasing the best up and coming techno talent. Click on the image to find out more...


Recent Release

Having played this track a lot over the years, Atroxx has finally released Abandoned on the mighty Odd Recordings. A much awaited tune... Click the image to check it out!

Recent Movements


Home to Arjun Vagale & Ramiro Lopez, Odd Recordings is an Indo-Spanish cross-pollinized record label, featuring futuristic electronic music and raw techno. For their fortnightly Oddcast, guests are invited to produce an hour-long mix. Check out the recent Oddcast 094 featuring Atroxx.

Free EP

"I made this for the people I love. Humanity, I have so much faith in you and never do I root against you. Humans are great, perfectly imperfect.We will find a healthy balance and we will continue to shine with plants, animals, stars and skies". Check this amazing free EP that Atroxx has just dropped. Listen on Soundcloud or download for free on Instagram at: atroxxofficial.

Thanks to Atroxx.