Volume I // 29.05.20

Guest Wax 

At Dance Wax we always unearth the best old records and new releases. We are constantly speaking to artists to get an exclusive lowdown on what they are listening to as well as their recent movements. Nothing formal, just an insight into what your favourite producers are jamming to. Rules are simple, we ask our guests for their current five favourite records.

Volume I: Guest Wax hosts...

Luigi Tozzi


When listening to a track curated by Luigi Tozzi, expect nothing less than a beautiful hypnotic and dubby atmosphere in which one can become immersed. The origins of his deep techno Italian sound can be traced back to his upbringing in Rome, a city that is recognised for nurturing bounds of up and coming techno talent. The characteristics drawn from a tranquil Roman lifestyle are reflected within his exquisite work of ambient and dub techno, whereby Tozzi crafts a unique type of sound that mixes blends of downtempo, slow techno and hypnotic drones. Having already taken the techno scene by storm, the young talent is constantly evolving his sound and keeping his productions fresh whilst attempting to live a relatively normal life over in the French capital, Paris.


Since 2014, the atmospheric soundtracks belonging to Tozzi have been coming thick and fast. His debut EP Geonsis was released on Hypnus Records, a fast growing Swedish label that favours deep and mysterious techno. Proving to be an integral part of his development, Hypnus has provided Tozzi with a trusted platform through which he has been able to release multiple records, such as Binary Sunset in 2017. This specific album certainly set the Italian producer apart from the pack of emerging techno producers and highlighted his ability to create transformative soundtracks to indulge your mind and body.

Although a prolific producer, Tozzi has in fact kept his music output within a close-knit family of labels. Whilst it is easy to acknowledge the close affection between Tozzi and Hypnus, other record labels have snapped up the Tozzi sounds. The likes of Mental Modern and Outis Music have worked with the emerging artist, but most recently Non Series have released Automa/ Lileth, which is a compelling and necessary EP for all ambient lovers. Perhaps one of his most recognised tracks to date has been the collaboration with fellow Roman, Antonio Ruscito. Titled Subterrel + Ex Funzione, the duo recorded this song in one take whilst jamming for a live set and was later released on the powerhouse label, Afterlife. A special moment for the exciting young talent. 


Not only a lethal producer, but Tozzi is well regarded within the clubbing scene. Possessing an unswerving commitment to his sound and song selection, Tozzi has been invited to play at some of the finest clubbing establishments. Top of the list is Khidi, in Tbilisi, a club at which he is now a resident. This came after a Hypnus Records showcase in 2016 which founded the on-going relationship whereby Tozzi regularly warms up the main room before the fast tempo techno is unleashed. Despite having risen to international acclaim, it is clear when chatting to Luigi Tozzi that he remains humble and appreciative of his support. A hugely exciting prospect that we certainly can’t wait to hear more of.

Top Five Wax Takeover w/ Luigi Tozzi

1. Gorkem Ozkaynak - Turquoise

Turquoise’ is a French-origin word inspired by the colour of the Mediterranean. It means blue is the colour that plays the green, but at the same time it is relative. With this in mind, if you love blue you will see blue and if you love green you will see green. It means heaven and earth. According to Gorkem Ozkaynak, his Turquoise EP is a reflection of the billions of beings in our sky and on earth that do not attract our attention, we cannot see or cannot hear. Music is the easiest way to reach people, and if not people, then God. Ozkaynak believes every one of us who lives on Earth has a specific purpose that one must find and take hold of. 


Turquoise mirrors the work of Ozkaynak’s enlightenment period which he has lived and found to be himself. Released on Surach back in 2018, the EP contains four beautifully trippy tracks that one can lose themselves within. Produced by Skymn, the final track is an upbeat remix of Deisma that would not look out of place if played within an ambient techno set.


A1. Turquoise

A2. Deisma

B1. Cyptic II

B2. Deisma (Skymn Remix)

2. Refracted - ME004 // ARCHIVES

The music that Refracted creates feels as fundamentally human as it sounds otherworldly. Electronic music and techno is a chosen medium in which Refracted can find his unique voice to connect with people wanting more from the genre. Being more than just a formulaic piece of entertainment, Refracted layers rhythms on a neural, sub epidermal level whilst capturing listeners imaginations within his meditative productions. These have been released on his very own Mind Express label, as well as deep techno imprint Silent Season and Pole Group. 


Most recently, Refracted has released ME004 // ARCHIVES, a collection of 10 unreleased tracks from his database that have been resurfaced, refurbished and retouched for this compilation release celebrating the 5th anniversary of Mind Express. In hope to bring a smile to your face, the tracks displayed on this album consist of mind benders, acid trips, tribal grooves and anything in between. A real delight for us all in this difficult time...






+ more...

3. Ion Ludwig - 2021 Dub Donation

Ion Ludwig started producing at a very young age and his musical influences stem from his travels and exposure to different cultures. Having released a truly stunning debut album named Free K Loudwiggle, his work reveals a true artistic dedication with an amazing attention for detail. Having spent 21 months on this release, the piece covers a wide musical diversity of jazz, funk, disco, house and techno. Working his way to the top, Ludwig has made a name for himself on stage too. Live performances combine drum machines and synthesizers with recordings from his work, radiating a never-ending story and energy. 


His latest release 2021 Dub Donation is an approach to dub-music in aquarelle styles. It is a crystallised and clouded interpretation of sound, structure and depth. Containing 21 tracks, the album contains slower motion tempos and blueprint silences, reminiscent wind down and shoreless past-times of creation and dark enthusiasm. As Ludwig states, “An album for travellers among nu=skool alchemists, the highest comfort-zoners and calm pshychonauts”.


A1. Model Drug

A2. Raw Deep Juzz

B1. Conciliation

B2. The Stabbed Space

+ more...

4. Kamran Sadeghi - Together We Breathe

The intersection of music and art is where Kamran Sadeghi stands. His intuitive method suppresses his music training in order to capture chance interactions and unexpected moments. Sadeghi has experienced a diverse musical background, ranging from sound and installation art to film scores and contemporary music. Thus, the majority of Sadeghi’s productions are marked by repetition, stillness and hyper magnification, as well as sharp punctuations that draw lines through space. Studying closely the science of sound, brutal hooks and harmonies appear as hypnotic polyrhthms dissect rounded shaped frequencies within his work. Live performances are described as a unique experience into the hypnotic and trippy world of house and techno built around modular synthesis and electronics. 


Within Together We Breathe, Sadeghi creates a sensory environment and draws upon the enesoty environment of sound, light and acoustics. Playing with sounds, Sadeghi has created an awareness that can materialize between their physical properties and human perception. Released in 2016, this album showcases tracks full of complex sounds and trippy polyrhythms.


A1. Echo Phone

A2. The Journey

B1. From Under Here Everything Is Fine

B2. Follow Up

+ more...

5. Korridor - The Sunset Dancers

The word corridor, or Korridor in Swedish, has various different meanings but it can always be associated with performing a passage of some description. With this in mind, Fabian Kempe aka Korridor, is the master of creating passages both for himself and all those who listen to his music. Having been active within the music scene for 12 years under various monikers, it is clear that Korridor has become somewhat of a household name throughout Europe. With highly acclaimed releases on labels such as Hypnus Records, Nordanvind and Northern Electric, Korridor consistently releases fresh trance-inducing sounds that have the capability of hypnotizing any listener. By matching unpredictable polyrhythms with minimalistic structures, Korridor creates mathematical formulas that contain melancholic harmonies within. 


Korridor’s latest release, The Sunset Dancers, is a record that takes inspiration from various situations of his life, painting imaginary pictures in vivid and hazy colours. The album name is taken from the second track, which is eloquently described, “Imagine you see this person who is just dancing in eternity forever for him or herself on a dreamy beach in something that resembles some kind of martial arts”. Find out for yourself...


A1. Transferring

A2. Sunset Dancer

B1. Amygdala

B2. Contemplation

B3. Return



Ennislab, the mastering studio founded by Neel, has released a special 56 track charity compilation project fundraising for The Red Cross. The special release features over six hours of unreleased and unheard material from a star studded selection of producers. Check out Luigi Tozzi's track A New Hope and help the world's most affected countires from Covid-19. Find it here on Bandcamp.


Non Series

Check out Luigi Tozzi's most recent release. Shared with fellow artist Pris, this EP contains four stunning tracks that confirms Tozzi's acclaim. Click the image for more information...

Recent Movements

MNMT Podcast

Over the last years Luigi Tozzi has been calmly making a name for himself as one of Europe’s go-to DJs for his distinct brand of techno that draws both from ambient music as well as from the club. Monument shares Luigi Tozzi’s 57 minute mix of deep, ambient dubbed out grooves for MNMT podcast 243.


Our favourite tracks:

Mysterious Rural Past - Stewart Walker

Cleo - Donato Dozzy

Upekah - Son.Sine

New Remix

If you thought Frankie Knuckle classic Your Love couldn't get any better then you're mistaken. Luigi Tozzi has continued his strong form and released a rather stunning version. You will not be disappointed.  

Thanks to Luigi Tozzi.