Press: 1 // 29.05.20

Top 5 Wax of the Week 

Every week, Dance Wax carefully chooses just FIVE Extended Play records (EP's) which we think will leave their mark. An EP normally has around three to five tracks and lasts for over twelve minutes. As they are less time consuming for the artist, EP's enable regular and fresh releases for us to enjoy.


1. Antigone & Rodhad - WSNWG003

Rodhad, the owner of Dystopian label, returns. After releasing his first album ‘Anxious’ back in 2017, the techno viking has set aside a project of five collabs on his side-ting, WSNWG. The aim of the white label is to showcase collaborations between himself and like-minded artists. The first two were beautifully strung together with Lucy and Alex.Do back in 2018 and 2019. Announcing five more for 2020, featuring the likes of O Phase and Daniel Avery, the latest one to drop is with the French DJ, Antigone. Over three sessions in the last few years, this EP has been carefully curated in a dark and moody fashion. This certainly fits the bill with Rodhad’s Dystopian label and would not look out of place.


A1. 180702.1

A2. 180702.2

B1. 190709

B2. 190904

[Released: 21.04.20 on WSNWG]


2. Magou - Dreams

Most of you probably know that Toy Tonics is a fresh German record label, dedicated to providing listeners with the best funk and jazz induced electronic dance music. The label releases one EP per month, with the styles being heavily influenced by Baleriac, disco and American house music. Combining real instruments with rare vinyl samples and the most recent electronic music production, Toy Tonics showcases the best and most knowledgeable young DJ talents. 


Dreams by Magou is no different. An EP best described as looping dreamy house meeting heavy-synth disco beats, taking us straight back to the 1980’s. This EP is so fresh that Magou is actually an undisclosed artist. Rumoured to be a well renowned and established producer in the contemporary house music scene, Magou is simply an alias used especially for the Toy Tonic release.   


A1. Sample Dream

A2. Clockwork Lemon

B1. More More More

B2. Heather's Body

[Released: 17.04.20 on Toy Tonics]


3. Regal - Ego Wars

Gabriel Cassina, aka Regal, shouldn’t need much of an introduction. Breaking onto the techno scene back in 2012, he has effectively established himself as one of the most proficient techno DJ’s in the world. Essentially, Regal preys upon varying snippets of sound ruminating within the electronic sphere. From trance chords to acid waves, he tailors his melodies to create blistering techno tracks. Ego Wars is no different. 


Released on BPitch (Berlin), Ego Wars focuses more on the melodic side (if you can call it that). In the past Regal’s music has focussed heavily on acidic squelches and early hardcore, however tracks such as ‘Anhedonia’ and ‘Fuck Making Love’ highlights the emerging popularity of the ‘trancier’ side of techno. Whilst the EP is a fierce yet refreshing release from Regal, the tracks will no doubt cause a bit of a scene in the clubs.


A1. Ego Wars

A2. Anhedonia

B1. Fuck Making Love

B2. Fuck Making Love (Remix)

[Released: 09.12.19 on PVS]


4. Kasper Marrott - Keflavik

Okay, to those of you who have heard of this record, I think you’ll be able to agree as to why it is on this list. Having released a catalogue of tracks since 2014, mainly honing smooth thumping sounds, Marott was relatively well established within the dance music scene. However, in 2018 Marott undeniably announced himself with a HUGE BANG. The breakthrough was a result of the downright ridiculously gorgeous tune, ‘Keflavik’. A tune that manages to fuse Italo and 132 bpm techno in perfect harmony. When played, it really does light up any club. 


The EP was released on Modeselektor’s Seilscheibenpfeiler label and contains three tracks. After reading an interview with Marott, it was interesting to learn how and where 'Keflavik’ was produced. At Reykjavik-Keflavik airport. During a 10-hour layover. Of course, it took a fair amount of time mixing the tune, but time well spent. Being heavily influenced by Copenhagen’s hi-energy trance and techno scene, Marott’s large collection of Italo disco records also had a helping hand, in what has been heralded as song of the year (2018). Check. It. Out. 


A1. Keflavik

A2. Megatu

B. Microworld

[Released: 21.09.20 on SSPB]


5. Alexander Pervukhin - Like it's 92

On a lighter note, I’d like to introduce you all to Alex Pervukhin. Born in Ukraine and proudly representing Lviv, Pervukhin has produced some lovely little numbers of late. Whilst owning his own record label Laconica, he has clocked up previous releases on others such as Recordeep and RAWAX.


Only this time it was the turn of the London based label, Tessellate. Using a fully analog set up, ‘Like It’s 92’ warms and grows over three deep but groovy tunes. The start of the EP is introduced by ‘10am Groove’, a perfect backing for the morning sunrise. Nothing too flashy, just relaxing deep rhythmic looping. Rolling perfectly into the more upbeat banger that is ‘909b’, the middle track displays more drive and slightly heavier beats. Wait till you hear the next one. The fan favourite of the collection is the name sake ‘Like It’s 92’, which dips back into the deep house vibes. With slightly more substance and texture, this will certainly gain more traction as time goes on. As Alex notes, ‘Housey music to the foolish’. Enjoy.


A1. 10am Groove

A2. 909b

B1. Like It's 92

B2. Like It's 92 (DJ Honesty Remix)

[Released: 08.11.20 on Tessellate]