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Hot Wax  //30.09.20

Jon Hester

Converge Part I [Rekids]


Jon Hester’s DJ sets are built on physical rhythms and adventurous programming that effortlessly combines diverse varieties of techno and house. With an engaging presence and a knack for storytelling, Hester is able to build a trusting connection with each dancer and works a room until they sweat. By bridging contrasting styles of techno and house, the American exhibits DJ tools and melodic tracks across three decks whilst incorporating abrupt transitions depending on the mood. The amazing energy that Hester possesses stems from his early years growing up around house and techno in Chicago, before becoming more heavily involved within the scene whilst residing in Minneapolis. Having arrived during the late stages of the big rave days back in 2000, Hester found that there was an intense level of dedication to the music scene that was shared by everyone involved, as well as a strong commitment to bringing the very best artists to play at proper venues. Using huge walls of sound for small, yet energetic, crowds created a huge buzz and attracted special guests on top of the local big names artists that we all know and love such as DVS1, Dustin Zahn, Mike Gervais and DJ Slip. 


Hester already has some fantastic output on respected labels such as Transmat, Deeply Rooted, Dystopian and Klockworks, not to mention multiple appearances on Radio Slave’s very own Rekids. It is no surprise, then, that he has continued his brilliant form with eight stunning signature house and techno fusions full of his trademark directions across four sides of wax. Converge Part I is packed with warm grooves and soul that stretch out to explore a wider range of sounds, instrumentation and ideas that will keep dancefloors moving. The A-side offers synth modulations and sci-fi atmospheres in the form of Sending Signals, which swiftly transcends into tracks with taught kick drums and synth tones heard on the likes of Haze. The flip side features loopy punches and pulses from Dreamstate, whilst the follow up songs Free, Flex and Equinox all offer forms of deep electro cuts or robust kicks that will no doubt get you moving. Every track is a winner and finding a favourite is an impossible task. Hester is back with a bang. Check it out on Bancamp.


A1. Sending Signals

A2. Metropolitan

B1. Haze

B2. Rain

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Hot Wax IX //22.09.20


Superwoman 2.0

MRD is a relatively new figure within the techno sphere who has been touted to be one of, if not the most, exciting prospects within the Norwegian club scene. As one of the most played techno artists in 2020, MRD has consistently released powerful music over the past two years, totalling six EP’s; two via established label ARTS and four via his very own imprint Auto. Amongst this includes his most recent record Flowers Of Flesh And Blood, an epic five-track EP that incorporates a variety of elements such as darkwave, trance and techno. Utilising new and darkwave samples, each track hits the 140 BPM mark, giving it a nostalgic techno sound that will hit you hard. MRD’s overall soundtrack tends to fall within the melodic, uncompromising, hard and honest genres, mixing in variants of new wave, hardcore, ambient and dark techno to create some rather stunning masterpieces. Whether you’re after a dark techno groover or a melodic 80s type track, MRD has it all to offer. 


Following up another hugely popular record Superwoman, MRD is about to debut on ARTSCORE with a stunning release that combines new wave, hard drums and melancholic vocals. Superwoman 2.0 EP contains emotional vibes and energetic grooves that combine to create an explosive seven-track thriller that will no doubt be heard in clubs around the world. It is an EP that fully cements MRD’s status within the techno movement. Released on the 25th September, you can buy digitally and listen on Bandcamp.


A1. MRD ft Sticky Icky - Superwoman

A2. Oslo

B1. Lost Friends

B2. Full Clip

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Hot Wax VIII //17.09.20

System Revival


System Revival: For Beirut, The End of Corruption

This compilation has been put together as a fundraiser for the people of Beirut, where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to relief and support organisations on the ground in Beirut. In the aftermath of an explosion at the city’s main port exactly one month ago, there was an unthinkable amount of damage to the city of Beirut, displacing hundreds of thousands of innocent people. As well as this, there was the huge destruction of infrastructure and buildings throughout the city, including many cultural spaces such as heritage sites, museums, hospitals and studios. Of course, not only this but there were many civilians left injured, homeless and hungry who now act in survival mode. 


The amount of support for this project has already been immense. It contains a mix of music from a whole host of artists residing all over the world with the sole purpose of raising as much money as possible for people on the ground, volunteering day in day out with international organisations to support the people most affected in Beirut. Featuring 31 fantastic tracks, the quality of artists within this compilation is mesmerising and includes very exciting names such as Manni Dee, Nur Jaber, Charles Green, Scarlit Port and Huseyin Evirgen. Although we can’t mention everyone, there are some serious tunes suited for every occasion. If you would like to check the whole compilation out, please visit Bandcamp here.

Credit to all involved, from the musicians to the editors and to those over in Beirut <3


A1. Arad - AChers of Pain

A2. Charles Green - Cloudless Sky

B1. Charlton - Endless Year

B2. Cocktail Party Effect - Watershed

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Hot Wax VII //11.09.20


Motech Records

DJ-3000 - Don't Stop EP

The way in which Franki Juncaj, aka DJ-3000, discovered the rich history of Detroit Techno was by throwing himself directly into it. As a friend of DJ Bone, Juncaj was introduced to one of Detroit's most famous outlets, 2030, and then to the world of the infamous Underground Resistance. Following this, he was initiated into the Submerge crew and never looked back. Having mixed around Detroit for a while, Juncaj was invited to take part in the “Somewhere In Detroit” mix series, introducing him to the world. After being dubbed DJ-3000, the Detroit artist released various successful records such as Electric Soul and True Colours, which led him to find his very own record label called Motech in 2002. Through his own releases, collaborations and contributions from some of the very best artists around the globe, Motech has forged its own unique identity. Over the years, Motech has delivered some groundbreaking records such as Blood & Honey, Galactic Caravan and the ten-year anniversary remix project consisting of remixes from stars such as Robert Hood, Mark Flash, Delta Funktionen and Mark Broom. However, with plenty of time spent in the studio as of late, DJ-3000 and Motech are back with a clever three track EP called Don’t Stop.

In what has been a year of global disruption on a catastrophic scale, lockdown has represented an opportunity for busy creatives to reset and rediscover creative flow without everyday distractions. This is the case for DJ-3000, who releases a smart collection of tracks on his new Don’t Stop EP in late September. Being his first autonomous release since Outnumbered in 2019, the new record features quintessential Detroit pounders full of slamming kicks and sharp punches that we all know and love. The namesake song Don’t Stop is a fine minimal soundtrack that provides kickdrums intertwined with smooth vocal chops and organ stabs that provide a refreshing contrast to the intense kicks. High in energy venom, the second track Reckless follows until the final track appears full with raw and analogue samples generated by the beloved Roland 909. Available on all streaming platforms 25th September 2020. Do not miss.

As the very first premiere, have a listen on the Dance Wax Souncloud through this pop up. 


A1. Don't Stop

A2. Reckless

B1. Undertow


Hot Wax VI //20.08.20

Isolation Experiments

Isolate Exp 006 - Various Artists

Isolation Experiments is a wonderful project where DJ’s and artists from around the globe submit their audio recordings for producers to stitch together. The movement was founded by Measure Divide, an experienced Toronto-based artist, known for pushing boundaries within the techno scene for well over a decade. Having already gained a huge wealth of experience, Measure Divide decided to use his presence to give something back. He wanted to assist with on-going issues in the world, whilst also being creative. Asking people to submit their audio samples, Measure Divide would use them to create the hard-hitting techno tracks that we all love. Having completed the first two releases on his own, they were extremely well received, leading to a huge number of offers from artists who wanted to get involved. From release 003, the Candaian artist opened the project up to other artists and began publishing the records on Bandcamp. All proceeds from each release are donated to charity, the first five releases to the WHO Solidarity Response Fund and for 006, the Okra Project to help Black Trans lives.


Volume 006 features a slew of talent such as new Trip Records signee, AADJA and Berlin’s Patrick DSP, who provides some beautiful rolling techno. The record twists and turns, showcasing some breaky acid rhythms from Korea Town Acid, and then entering some fast paced, high-BPM chuggers from City Dance Corporation. You will also find some Raw-punk experiments by MDD as well as some deeper percussive rhythms from Glordan Battaglin, followed by some industrial techno from Witch-hunt Abolition, Sawdust, Niban and Unknown. This is simply a mere taste of what is on the album, and we highly recommend giving it a listen. You will not be disappointed. 


To purchase and listen to the whole album, and support the amazing causes, head to Bandcamp here!


A1. AADJA - Zero Moon

A2. City Dance Corporation - Deg Shit

A3. Korea Town Acid - Clout Chaser

B1. Patrick DSP - Isolation

B2. MDD - Don't Point At Me 

B3. Niban - Kietai



Hot Wax V //10.08.20

Raw Culture

Security DJ - Ramp Age EP

Since launching in 2016, Italian label Raw Culture have been busy creating a name for themselves. Residing in Rome, the label has done much to preserve the militant, industrial fuelled energetic techno that has been long associated with the fine Italian city. Very recently, Raw Culture has renewed its love with neighbouring country, France, by carving some new wax. Parisian DJ and honorary member of the Knick Knack Yoda squad, Security, returns to the label with a hard-edged EP. After the success of an early collaboration with Sophia De Jong named “Fucking DJ”, Security is now back with two sides of dedicated weirdness and roughness that he is so well known for. Resident of Rinse, France, his sound portrays endless cues from extensive musical research expressed through his already proven skills as a producer in his infamous Aubervilliers Studios. 


Released in May 2020, Security’s latest release contains six overwhelming thriller tracks that will leave their mark on any dance floor. He begins by mixing and matching elements of industrial funk, EMB and electro on the growling bounce of Ramp Age (accompanied by vocals from Asymetrical), before fizzing his way through a wayward acid-electro thumper named Domestic XS. A remix from Cardopusher follows, and subsequently the stomping lo-fi industrial slab of Ghettonite is unleashed before ending with two breathlessly raw and distortive soundtracks. Not one to miss.

The release, as always, is available in a limited series of 300 hand stamped vinyl which can be purchased here on Bandcamp!


A1. Ramp Age (Asymmetrical vocal Rev)

A2. Domestic XS

A3. Domestic X (Cardopusher Remix)

B1. Ghettonite

B2. Club Des Hashishins (+ Rawmance)

B3. Nessun Ricordo (dub)


Hot Wax IV //28.07.20

Hard Drive Library

Love Songs Are Bad Songs

The Hamburg-based duo of Hard Drive Library consists of John and Steffen, who crossed paths as teenagers, sharing not only a deep passion for mopeds, but also the same taste of odd types of music. The pair are constantly on the hunt for new inspirations, artsy stuff, love and digging deeply for unheard combinations of house, disco, soul and everything in between. Carrying emotions through a dance floor orientated sound which is based on straight 4/4 beats powered by the love for saturation, samples and soul. So deep and so hot and so present like the lava thing in middle earth. Their appearance will always follow the principle: “Express yourself before you wreck yourself!”


Providing a rather stunning two-track record, Hard Drive Library seem to be setting new heights with their dreamy house takes. The first track Something Like Heaven resonates somewhat with the title, showcasing six minutes of lyrically beautiful, disco-infused sounds. A striking love song. The flip side track Tell Me When It’s Over offers a slightly slower breakbeat bounce infused with spacey acidic lines to create a rather perfect combination. They’ve dedicated this record to all the broken and non-broken hearts; and in the words of the duo... “Enjoy this EP and always remind yourself - love songs are bad songs, except these two. Dance together - love one another!”


If you’d like to purchase this dreamy record, or even one of their fabulously pink ‘Love Songs Are Bad Songs’ t-shirts, check out their Bandcamp!


A. Something Like Heaven

B. Tell Me When It's Over

Hot Wax III //22.07.20

Apricot Ballroom


Ballroom Edits One

Apricot Ballroom is an audiophile sound system and psychedelic party, with a newly formed record label running alongside. The hugely popular party has now been running in Sheffield for just over two years, having built their sound system over the last year. After throwing multiple parties, the system is currently undergoing some work, but residing at the core is a pair of Klipschorn loudspeakers and a single 40W Meridian amplifier, creating an exhilarating and loud experience. The collective also uses a bozak rotary mixer with a pair of Goodmans mid units, all combining to create their enormously unique sound. The party is based on David Mancuso’s ‘Love Saves The Day’ loft parties in New York. Apricot Ballroom use the same speakers (Klipschorns) and have based the ethos in a similar frame, which is one of love, acceptance and community. Like Mancuso, they initially ran the party on an invite-only system, but relaxed this a year later after the group felt the community around the party had been established. The team always had in mind a party where you see similar (if not the same) faces when attending, thus creating a sort of vibrant house party but in a club. 


The brand new label has been set up to run alongside the night, and is a cross-section of the genres and types of music that is played at the events. The main focus is around boogie, funk, reggae and jazz music, but the group are always on the lookout for anything that sets a party off. Essentially everything psychedelic that bangs on an audiophile system. The first release is aptly called Ballroom Edits One, and is a four-track compilation with sounds from musical hosts Nonna Fab and Joi La Frique, alongside well renowned Sheffield selector and producer Lancaster Bomber, and Soviet Cuts alumni Beard In Dust. Expect a wonderful selection of high quality hifi-certified music that is guaranteed to make any dance floor boogie. If you'd like to keep up to date with the Apricot Ballroom movements, check out their website:

To get your hands on one of these awesome records, head over to Bandcamp...


A1. Joi La Frique - Family Rally

A2. Beard In Dust - Calypso Boy

B1. Nonna Fab - Tension (Release Mix)

B2. Lancaster Bomber - African Sauna


Hot Wax II //01.07.20

Do As You Please

Joe Roche - White Umbrella

Do As You Please is an up and coming Manchester based online record store and mix series that delivers a variety of musical soundtracks supporting emerging local talent. Having recently ventured into new territory, the brand are now setting their sights on gathering strong artistic capabilities for their new in-house record label, showcasing what’s good up North. In a time of fast fashion and disposable culture, Do As You Please seeks to create art with character and longevity. The ethos is based around unlimited stylistic boundaries and strives to deliver quality first and foremost. To mark the birth of the Do As You Please imprint, label boss Joe Roche is first up with an exhilarating four-track Acid House EP named White Umbrella. Released in early June, the artwork has been curated by two invaluable members of the Mancunian graphic design community, Trevor Johnson and John Walsh. Both graphic designers were integral parts of the Hacienda and FAC51 artwork team and have continued to share their talent and experience in the Manchester community ever since. For the limited 300 copy, four track 12”, expect a high-octane affair...


Hosting a collection of tracks that span across the Acid House spectrum, White Umbrella [DAYP:001] maintains high energy throughout with each track possessing its own unique brand of acidic euphoria. The title track White Umbrella sets the tone with a big room warehouse, classic breaks feel, partnered with climatic drops all whilst immersed in 90’s nostalgia. Dogmatic follows, with a down and dirty basement onslaught with devastating claps and lead line; ensuring any dancer to take note. A track with an Electro/ breaks aesthetic which is full of pleasant surprises. Designed for big rooms, the third track Rock ‘n’ Roll drives hard and has a serious warehouse appeal with its thundering acid bravado and thumping bass line. Double Lively rounds the EP off with a slightly softer touch, leaning more towards deep house whilst staying true to the acidic theme. One for the daytime blue skies or perhaps late-night euphoria. 


It is evident that White Umbrella and any forthcoming releases from DAYP are more than likely to make a lasting impression on anybody involved. A fantastic imprint with big things to come.

With a very limited number of vinyls available, you can purchase White Umbrella here on Bandcamp. Be sure to keep up to date with the imprint via their website or Facebook...


A1. White Umbrella

A2. Dogmatic

B1. Rock 'n' Roll

B2. Double Lively

Hot Wax I // 24.06.20

Daydream Records


Mbius - Ethernal 02

Daydream Records are a hugely exciting French label focussed on forceful, yet groovy house music. Working with the best up and coming talents, the group seeks to offer an intelligent and efficient vision of electronic music, providing perfectly balanced DJ cuts that lie somewhere between spacey dream sounds and powerful bouncy rhythms. The Daydream adventure began in 2017 with the intention of providing beautiful and unique house records. Founding member Clement has been largely influenced by minimal house producers such as Janeret, Diego, iO Mulen and Varhat, to name a few, which is deeply reflected within the Daydream philosophy. Boasting a close knit family full of vinyl lovers who share a passion for strong beats and floaty sounds, it is no surprise that the label is well and truly on the rise. A testament to the Daydream team who work with tireless dedication in order for us listeners to hear the best house music one can find. In fact, just when we thought things couldn’t get any better over in Paris, Daydream have recently widened their house influence even further, establishing a fresh sublabel called Ethernal. Launched in 2019, the new project seeks to focus on the micro side of house with a more intimate approach. Producing hand stamped records that contain three original tracks and a remix, the music is slightly rawer than the normal Daydream style… but never loses touch with the tasty and groovy vibes. To understand the true meaning, take a look at their forthcoming record.

For only their second release, Ethernal have continued to work with Mbius, a young prodigy hailing from Leipzig who is active in various collectives such as Waldbrand and Inar. Providing a hugely successful first release Ethernal 01, the second volume offers three beautifully crispy soundtracks with a Nick Beringer bonus on the remix. An inspiration and a good friend to both Daydream and Mbius. The record twists and turns through some of the best micro house, with the German producer providing intricate and hypnotic modular sounds throughout. The first track Jose offers a straight rolling minimal house jack with the occasional distortive sample, whilst the follow ups 6th Sense and Bleep Till You Bleed provide more groove ridden sounds with a slightly trippier edge. To conclude, Nick Beringer delivers a strong dub remix that caps off a rather stunning release. 


Ethernal 02 will be available over the coming weeks in a very limited hand stamped edition, distributed by Subwax. You can pre-order the record at various shops such as Phonica Records or Juno Records.


As for Daydream, the music never stops. Look out for their next record Daydream 09, a collection that welcomes brand new talented members to the family.


A1. Jose

A2. 6th Sense

B1. Bleep Till You Bleed

B2. Jose (Nick Beringer Dub)