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Hot Wax  // 04.12.20

Blazej Malinowski

States Of Consciousness

Blazej Malinowski is Polish producer and radio journalist based in Berlin. As a collector of vinyl, most of Malinowski’s work stems from an obsession with deep and atmospheric techno which lays the foundation for all of his music. Over the past few years Malinowski has founded the likes of Why So Silent, an audio/visual project which showcases live techno performances with silent movies in the background and has co-founded Funfte Strasse, a platform that includes a radio broadcast and recurring music events. Known for his hypnotic and energetic productions, Malinowski has featured on some of the very best labels within the ambient, deep/hypnotic techno realm with past releases coming on The Gods Planet, Kontrafaktum, Semantica, SIlent Season and now the prestigious vinyl-only label Kvalia.


The Swedish-based label, Kvalia, resurfaces with its 003 release, featuring Blazej Malinowski. The three-track EP is called States Of Consciousness, and takes the listener on a quest into the hypnotic and deep techno soundscapes that are quintessential Malinowski. Expect three dynamic soundtracks , starting with a smooth flowing A-side followed by a B-side containing two darker gems. This is a must have. Out 4th December 2020. Purchase and listen.


A1. State Of Consciousness

B1. Control

B2. Distorted

[Released: 04.12.20]


Hot Wax  // 18.11.20


Move To Speed

Sigha is a British-born producer who successfully straddles the boundaries of post-dubstep and techno. Originally involved in shoegaze-inspired indie bands, Sigha was introduced to the world of electronic music via London warehouse parties which paved the way for his popular atmospheric take on techno. Since, Sigha has signed a number of releases on established labels such as Hotflush, Token, Blueprint and his very own vinyl-only imprint Our Circula Sound. After relaunching in 2019, Our Circular Sound has successfully established itself as one of the foremost labels for detailed and considered electronic music with releases from Faugust, AVL and Portrait. However, after seven long years, Sigha returns to unleash his latest release Move to Speed.


Across the four-track record, Sigha seeks to play with the forward-thinking techno he’s more recently become known for, Throughout the EP the British producer intersperses polyrhythmic tendencies and unpredictable time signatures with razor-sharp modern drum & bass permutations and clear-cut aesthetics, crafting one of his most sonically distinctive and intricate releases to date. Written with adventurous DJs and curious listeners in mind, the record displays unnerving attention to detail, combining highly technical processes with thrilling twists and turns through the use of lethal low-end sound design. Soulful and inspired.


A1. Contrast

A2. Plastic

B1. Alpha

B2. Contact

[Released: 27.11.20]


Hot Wax  // 18.11.20



This week, the Hot Wax section would like to introduce you to the young and emerging talent that is Connor Nolan, aka Caspian. Hailing from the UK town of Chippenham, Caspian is a motivated and hungry producer who has only recently started publishing some powerful, yet high-quality tracks. Prompted by his love for electronic music from a young age, Caspian was heavily influenced by the likes of Fatboy Slim and Carl Cox, which led him to start mixing and selecting tracks throughout his teens.


A few years on, Caspian has begun to experiment with different DAWS and production methods, resulting in a unique and personal soundtrack. As of late, time in the studio has enabled Caspian to conjure up his very first releases, such as ASAP, a fresh lo-fi house track featuring A$AP Mob samples and Give It To Me (Caspian Club Flip), a club orientated mix of a Nelly Furtado classic. Adding to his already mighty fine catalogue, Caspian has now followed up with a track called Error and of course the one we are all here for, Atoms. Taking this weeks Dance Wax premiere slot is a true lo-fi house cut packed with dreamy chopped vocal samples to take the listener on a tripped out journey into the outer realms. A quality release that truly sets the bar for young Caspian. Keep an eye on him.


A1. Atoms


Hot Wax  // 04.11.20

Sharad Sood & Liziuz

Drone Operations EP

Sharad Sood is a Berlin-based artist and experimentalist who specialises in dark, moody and atmospheric techno. Focusing on the need to explore various forms of sound synthesis, grooves and song structures, Sood minimises creative and technical limitations whilst taking inspiration from any possible source of his environment. For his latest release, Sood is joined by Liziuz, a new and emerging talent from the contemporary Berlin electronic underground. In a similar sense, Liziuz isolates himself in solitude and meticulously crafts log-form landscapes that are simultaneously both industrial and psychedelic. Together, the pair have formed an unformidable partnership to give us something along the lines of Drone Operations released on Atmophile Electronics. 


Containing four immaculate techno cuts, Drone Operations attempts to break down the barriers of experimental and drone, while keeping the traditional techno kicks at bay. The pair work in tandem for their opening track aptly named Drones & Moisture, and for number three A Whoe Nation Disliking The Letter H, both productions providing a mesmerizing trip full of swirling drone and synths. Sood takes charge of A2 with a slightly more upbeat yet dark and trippy track, while for B2 Liziuz rounds the record off with the most percussive track on the release that would not look out of place on any dance floor. Listen to our premiere of Operator on the Soundcloud link. Enjoy!


A1. Drones & Moisture

A2. Vactrol Love & Thunder Cunt

B1. A Whoe Nation Disliking The Letter H

B2. Operator


Hot Wax  // 30.10.20

Mary Yuzovskaya

Sleeping Beauty Working Beast EP

MondayOff recently announced that label boss Mary Yuzovskaya is releasing a debut solo EP, described as an immersive four-track techno release featuring remixes from the likes of Smeantica boss Blazej Malinowski and Parabel’s Patrick Siech. Since 2017, the Russian artist has constantly been growing the quality of MondayOff’s output, as it is always incredibly immaculate much like her notorious vinyl-only sets in New York, Berlin and Moscow. For the eighth release on the label, which has previously catalogued records from the likes of Soramimi, Cory James and Michal Wolski, Mary steps up to the plate supported by a pair of excellent remixes.


To kick it all off, Sleeping B is a deep hypnotic workout that contains blooming synths and basslines moving in tandem with rolling drum patterns. Upping the pace, Blazej Malinowski expertly uses the key elements of the original and adds a broad brush of subtle hyperactivity to proceedings. On the flip, Working B sees Mary delivering another heads down affair, as the slowly mutating synths and drums find their own space with a clever use of intricate echoes. To round it up, Patrick Siech provides an energetic take full of constantly evolving textures that create a mesmerising and rather exceptional atmosphere to round off a fabulous EP. Listen to and purchase this stunning EP on Bandcamp here.


A1. Sleeping B

A2. Sleeping B (Blazej Malinowski Remix)

B1. Working B

B2. Working B (Patrick Siech Remix)


Hot Wax  // 22.10.20

Eva Swan

I Control My Mind EP

Hailing from Belgium, the world of Eva Swan is multifaceted. The DJ, producer, model and fashion enthusiast has paved her own way, entering the electronic music scene by working at clubs such as Belgium’s famous Cafe d’Anvers and Kompass Club, along with EGG London. Having become immersed within the music scene during her time in Ibiza, Eva began to produce music that always encompasses a distinct appreciation for raw music elements. Having picked up previous support from the likes of Luke Slater and Amelie Lens, the Belgian DJ and producer always brings intense, atmospheric sounds to the table. Following her 2019 debut Equality, and sophomore Let Me Hold You EP, Eva Swan has recently released her third record that goes by the name of I Control My Mind.


Returning with a solid self-released EP packed with her signature dark and menacing techno, Eva continues to reach new heights. Kicking off I Control My Mind is a2+b2=c2, a track that immediately marries screaming synths and twisted bass lines, creating a monstrous, otherworldly track. Following up is namesake song I Control My Mind which is a hypnotic groove packed with her very own vocals that is certainly geared towards big rooms. Brainwash is a frantic amalgamation of bubbling leads and sizzling percussion, whilst final track Eight contains brutal kicks that pummel amongst swirling textures. Released on 16th October, check it out and grab a copy here!


A1. a2+b2=c2

A2. I Control My Mind

B1. Brainwash

B2. Eight


Hot Wax  // 08.10.20

Spencer Parker

New Works Volume Two

Spencer Parker is a London-born, Berlin-based artist who masterfully straddles a heady mix of house, techno and disco that has resulted in him becoming a regular at fine establishments such as Panorama Bar and Concrete. With a background in record stores, it is unsurprising that Parker’s ability to select tunes is unapologetically high, resulting in mesmerising sets that intertwine undiscovered classics with unreleased material. Parker’s perfectionist stance holds true in his productions that are taut, energetic and often released through a select group of outlets including his very own Work Them Records and Radio Slave’s Rekids, a label he very much considers a home away from home. 


Proving his consistently good form, Parker has recently continued his New Works series with Volume Two, released late September. Following a disco-fuelled release on Patrick Topping’s Trick label, Parker returns to his own Work Them Records imprint with the second volume which sees the Berlin-based producer in full, classic house mode once again. Opening the record with Beat U, Parker deploys deep swirling pads atop classic 909 drums, forming a stripped house dub that informed much of his early love affair with the genre. The follow up track Vogue U contains chopped vocals paired with a booming, kick focussed rhythm track and staccato piano stabs that will entice many future house dance floors. Listen here on Beatport...


A. Beat U

B. Vogue U