Series II Volume I // 03.09.20

Guest Wax 

At Dance Wax we always unearth the best old records and new releases. We constantly speak to artists in order to get an exclusive lowdown on what they are listening to as well as their recent movements. Nothing formal, just an insight into what your favourite producers are jamming to. Rules are simple, we ask our guest for their current five favourite records.

Series II Volume II: Guest Wax hosts...

Joaquin Ruiz


Hailing from the west side of Buenos Aires, Joaquin Ruiz is a highly regarded DJ and producer, heralded as one of the most exciting emerging talents from the techno movement in Argentina. Now resident of the well known Under Club, Ruiz grew up surrounded by electronic dance music and became heavily influenced by the likes of Ben Sims. After some time, Ruiz began producing music and it wasn’t until 2014 when his very first work was finally published on Colombian record label ALSS. Since then, Ruiz has been determined to work extra hard, being rewarded with tours to various countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile and more recently Germany and Italy. With this comes recognition. Much of Ruiz’s music has been supported by highly regarded artists such as Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock and Stephanie Sykes, to name a few. As well as this, Ruiz has also shared the decks with DJ’s such as UVB and Truncate, proving how hot Ruiz is currently. 


In terms of music, Ruiz has various releases under his belt. Having worked with many established record labels such as PLOINK, Labyrinth, Mitten and Newrhythmics Records, it is his latest records that really stand out from the pack. Recently, Ruiz has worked with Signal Rec for his EP Phase, a record containing four original techno bangers ranging in strength and lying somewhere between the atmospheric mental techno sounds. Driving intensity meets here with borderline raw industrial styles, locked in a groove containing intricate percussions that are undercut by hypnotic metallic sounds, enough to cast a spell on any dancefloor. Similarly in 2017, Ruiz showcased another strong EP,  this time on Nordic label PLOINK. Again, this record highlights the talents that Ruiz possesses, showing off intricate and atmospheric tracks such as Spiralism, which presents a meticulously detailed rumbling bassline immersed within tightly-knit percussion. The last few months have been busy for Ruiz, having released several quality EP’s that contain his  unique style of production. You’ll find the Argentine mixes the mental of ambient and melodic music with the physicality of techno, satisfying the most demanding of dancers. Essentially, versatility and talent sum up Joaquin Ruiz. Check his most recent EP’s out in the Recent Movements section below.

Top Five Wax Takeover w/Joaquin Ruiz

1. Oscar Mulero - Gradual Blending

"A super EP from Oscar Mulero, coming out with three wonderful tracks"

Oscar Mulero is one of Spain’s most prolific techno producers. Since the 1990s, Mulero has been a key component for leading the early techno underground movement, massively influencing the Spanish electronic music scene. His signature broody production methods date back twenty years to reveal a catalogue full of intricately woven records, that are usually immersed within heavy and abrasive sounds. Whilst running his very own imprint Warm Up, the Spanish artist also boasts an established record label named PoleGroup which nurtures and provides a platform for up and coming talents. For the second instalment of the Warm Up Bandcamp vinyl series, Mulero offers three cuts of merciless techno designed to shake minds and feet. Firstly, Gradual Bleeding provides distorted beats, shuffled hats and obscurity aligned in a perfect hypnotic structure, followed by Evolutionary Decay offering phased synthetic layers immersed within liquid subbass. Finishing up, Natural Resources returns to distorted drums for timeless send off. Quintessential Mulero.


A1. Gradual Bleeding

A2. Evolutionary Decay

B1. Natural Resources

[Released: 31.07.20 on Warm Up]

2. Pfirter, Kr!z - Purification of Malice

"Mindtrip comes out with this EP where Pfirter together with Kr!z offers a set of highly efficient, energetic tracks for the dance floor"

Mindtrip returns to our shelves with a new collaborative release, introducing head honcho Pfirter, sharing the same ‘room’ with Token’s label boss Kr!z. For the last fifteen years Argentinian-born, Barcelona based producer Pfirter has been pushing the sounds of steely, dark, yet uplifting techno all whilst throwing his own touch into the mix. Having catalogued multiple pieces of stunning music, Pfirter doesn’t just pile up pumpers. Even though his work regularly hits the charts, Pfirter has proven that the depth of his compositions are not ones to fade once the lights go out, instead the soundtracks haunt the listeners mind long after the club has shut its doors. Likewise, his partner in crime Kr!z has always had a strong sympathy for the more gloomy and raw side of techno, being heavily influenced by the sound of the 90’s. His very own record label, Token, seeks to showcase the very best timeless techno classics from his favourite artists. Together, the duo have conjured up a beautiful four- track EP named Purification Of Malice. Opening with some original material from Kr!z, Pfirter extends his musical research with two trademark techno cute. Worth the wait.


A1. Kr!z - Imperative Needs

A2. Kr!z - Malice

B1. Pfirter - Tomorrow

B2. Pfirter - Purification

[Released: 03.07.19 on Mind Trip]

3. Viels - Pure Coincidence EP

"This EP by Viels on Dynamic Reflections is beautiful. It is the perfect balance between hypnotic and physical techno, along with an excellent remix by Neel"

Born in a small village just outside Milan, Viels first discovered the techno movement after reading a book called ‘TECHNO’ by Chrisitan Zingales. Having released his debut EP on Initial Berlin in 2015, Viels has continued his promising musical journey, appearing with a track on Dynamic Reflection, followed by his first EP for the label called Distrophism. Having made a name for himself over the last few years, Viels has performed in some world-class lineups with the likes of The Gods Planet and Svreca to name a couple. Establishing himself as part of a new wave of artists approaching the contemporary techno scene, Viels is back on Dynamic Reflection with a sublime five-track EP named Pure Coincidence. The multi-talented Italian artist delivers five intelligent and trippy techno cuts, including a hypnotising remix by Neel. Proving his worth, Viels is certainly one to watch over the coming year.


A1. Coincidence One

A2. Coincidence One (Neel Remix)

B1. Coincidence Two

B2. Coincidence Three

[Released: 29.05.20 on Dynamic Reflection]

4. Giordano - Educated Circles

"This EP by Giordano for Phil’s label became one of my favourites, containing forcefulness and 100% quality"

Hailing from Italy, but now based in Berlin, Giordano has previously released music on well established labels such as Soma and Granulart Records, on top of recently launching his very own label called Senza Nome. Behind the decks, Giordano’s style consists of mixing contemporary with classic techno, as well as breaks and electro. It’s these combinations of dark, thriving and melodic sounds that have laid the foundations of Giordano’s powerful approach to techno, thus leading him to play at some of the most respected venues such as Corsica Studios, Tresor and Dude Club. For his latest EP, Giordano is back on Decision Making Theory, developing further his multilayered abstract techno. For Dynamism Of A Human Body, Giordano delivers four atmospheric tracks that cover all frequency designs at the same time. A very dense and intense release from the techno maestro.


A1. Educated Circles

A2. Heart Of Code 

B1. Spiritual Capacity

B2. Dynamism Of A Human Body

[Released: 05.08.20 on Decision Making Theory]

5. Decade / SUB - 07

"These various artists have created a masterpiece with excellent selection. Amazing material from the folks at Subsist Records"

Subsist is a record label dedicated to delivering cutting edge underground electronic/ techno music to the world's stage. Each EP or album showcases a selection of tracks in all shapes and forms from talented electronic music producers across the globe. Ten years have now passed since the label first started making a name for itself, and to celebrate the label is releasing an EP aptly called Decade. Featuring on the record are artists Oscar Mulero, SHXCXCHCXSH, Stanislav Tolkachev, Group and Beat Movement, with a bonus track version taken from Oscar Mulero’s track Returning Wheel. Available in late October 2019, this is not one to miss.


A1. Oscar Mulero - Returning Wheel

A2. SHXCXCHCXSH - bmbmbmbm

B1. Stanislav Tolkachev - Autopoiesis

B2. Group - 180905_2377

[Released: 23.10.19 on Subsist]

Recent Movements

Voices Of Space EP

Ruiz returns to Norway's PLOINK label with his debut album Voices Of Space. Featuring ten ethereal tracks, Ruiz provides songs that are full of tight kicks, propulsive drums, celestial chords and the occasional computerised bleep. This is Ruiz's most impressive work to date. Check it out. Purchase & listen here.

Phase EP

Ruiz has recently debuted on Signal Rec with his Phase EP, consisting of four original banging tracks full of nuances and details that are propelled by industrial rawness. Undercut by hypnotic metallic sounds, this EP is grooving and innovative - enough to keep any dancefloor transfixed. Listen & purchase here.

Shade EP

Another sublime recent release from Ruiz, but this time it comes on the London-based platform Children Of Tomorrow.  Headed by Arnaud and Emmanuel, they seek to share the best techno within the scene and Shade EP backs this up with three, quintessential pounders. Listen & purchase here.

Hyperion EP

Hyperion is the seventh release by Space Travel Records, brought to you by Ruiz and Counting Sheep. The four-track is split between the two, as the Argentine provides two fast paced belters, as the UK artist showcases complex textures with percussive loops. Prepare to be hypnotised! Listen & purchase here.

Thanks to Joaquin Ruiz.