Volume III // 14.06.20

Guest Wax 

At Dance Wax we always unearth the best old records and new releases. We  are always speaking to artists to get an exclusive lowdown on what they are listening to as well as their recent movements. Nothing formal, just an insight into what your favourite producers are jamming to. Rules are simple, we ask our guest for their current five favourite records.

Volume III: Guest Wax hosts...



Throughout the past century, deep house has been involved in some sort of revolution. If you can rewind back to a time in 2012, you may remember how deep house quietly crept into the dance charts across the globe before exploding in America, essentially making it a mainstream genre. Whilst holding its ground for some time, the hype eventually mellowed out and slowly pushed the deep house scene back towards the underground. Now it is the turn of a new generation to pave the way for a house revival. Recently a new sound has emerged, a sound of minimal and edgy deep house interwoven with jazz and garage cuts. This fresh soundtrack is led by prolific producers such as Mehlor


Representing the UK, young artist Mehlor has been successfully establishing his name within the electronic underground scene over the past few years. Having found his love for minimal sounds whilst residing in the city of Leeds, he began to cement his identity by hosting and playing at regular events at venues such as Distrikt and 212. Not stopping for breath, Mehlor successfully co-established the label Syntaxx, a collective seeking to deliver a unique rendition of deep and minimal tech inspired by the dubby grooves of mainland Europe. Only a year later, Mehlor released one of his first EP’s, Swerve, on the label Ladeep. Providing a soundtrack that would induce any dancefloor, the record proved to be a storming success and found itself charted at the very top on Beatport and platforms alike. 


Since then, Mehlor has racked up an impressive series of digital releases on in-form labels such as Rendr and Deep Tech Records. Featuring a remix on Rossi’s EP People, Mehlor uses his signature synth stabs and tight percussion samples to give the EP a heavier, albeit more melodic touch, adding energy and grooves to the record. In a similar fashion, Mehlor has worked alongside well regarded Aron Volta on his track Void for the Side Effects EP released on Monocord Records back in 2019, further showcasing his production talents. Perhaps one of Mehlor’s most prominent features came on house music label PIV, an Amsterdam based platform that supports young talent leaning towards US classy house. Their PIV Spring Sampler released last April featured thirteen classy house cuts from various artists such as Chris Stussy and DJ Steaw, amongst which Mehlor made a prominent statement with his track Sly. 


Epitomising hard work, Mehlor has recently capitalised on his fantastic musical prowess with a personal release earlier this year, backed by the Parisian label hedZup records. Snapping up the opportunity to work with the young artist, the label catalogued Mehlor’s With U EP, which has since proven to be immensely popular. This record provides three highly effective minimalist tracks as well as a remix courtesy of Pathways Traxx boss, Niko Maxen. Whilst constantly adding to his imposing portfolio of releases, it is clear that the intricate, melodic deep tech style of Mehlor’s is catching on big time. The deep house maestro has also gained a residency with reputable brand Hyve since moving to London in order to keep up with bookings. Suggesting that Mehlor is one to watch for the future is, perhaps, already a little outdated. He is already causing a bit of a madness.

Top Five Wax Takeover w/ Mehlor

1. Takashi Himeoka - Utakata

“Cocktail piano is my favourite. Warm reece bass and jazzy vibes keys hits the spot for me! I’m pretty sure it’s getting repressed soon as well”.


Hailing from Kyoto, Takashi Himeoka is a unique producer known for releasing minimal soundtracks that contain hints of delicate smoothness and subtle rhythms. Himeoka began making music in 2010 and was instantly recognised for playing outside the box by using a range of intricate techniques and styles. Although his sound originated in Kyoto, Himeoka has since been refining it following his move to Tokyo in 2014. Not long after saw the release of his debut record Tamayura on Swiss record label RORA. Due to the success of his debut release, the Japanese artist was deeply encouraged to release his second record, named Kamogawa on Rummenigge back in 2015. Combining meticulously assembled rhythms and sophisticated atmospheric samples, Himeoka is fast growing a large following of minimal house and techno enthusiasts. His music is a joy to listen to. 


A fine example of a Himeoka production comes in the form of Utakata. The extraordinary musical sensitivity involved across all four tracks is sublime. Released in 2019 on his very own label Phreak Records and accompanied by a recent repress, this record represents a beautiful series of light minimal house soundtracks in which one can become lost.


A1. Cooktail Piano

A2. Colin

B1. Chloe

B2. Water Lily In The Lung

2. Nuances de Nuit Vol 4

“All tracks bang on this, I don’t think I can pick a favourite. A quality and diverse selection of music”.


Described as ‘An international project of like minds for the dancers’, the relatively new label Nuances De Nuit delivers a cross-section of raw and intricate electronic sounds that inaugurates highly regarded Parisian producers along with up and coming artists. Co-founded by T. Jacques and Lucie, the label has already catalogued three volumes, all of which have been met with critical acclaim and have featured established artists such as DJ Steaw and Vitess. This time, for their Nuances de Nuit Vol 4, the label has invited Liquid Earth, Huerta and DJOKO to partake in their exciting series. It is safe to say they have not disappointed. 


Within the latest collection, Volume 4 takes us into a colourful headspace and displays house music with true personality. Californian talent Urulu, AKA Liquid Earth, is up first with his track X-Form, a bubbling metropolis of futuristic synths and vintage techno snares combined in perfect harmony. The second track from Huerta offers enchanting electro incantations, similar to that of his recent debut album for Voyage Recordings. On the B-side, DJOKO showcases a tech house twist containing shimmering synth work, whilst the boss T. Jacques takes us through five minutes of machine funk and boogie. 


A1. Liquid Earth - X-Form

A2. Huerta - Legwork

B1. DJOKO - Copyrighted

B2. T. Jacques - Voyetra

3. Kosh - Virtual Reality EP

“An EP with lots of energy, Kosh has been putting out some quality music, and Janeret did a very tasteful job of remixing Virtual Reality.”


Born and raised in Casablanca, Kosh has over ten years of studio experience and consistently delivers extraordinary releases that are largely influenced from his early interests in acid and Detroit techno. The Moroccan’s unique electro signature has built him a distinctive empire of various productions that have turned him into one of the most exciting regional acts to date. An integral part of Moroccan record label Casa Voyager, Kosh has tracks in three of their last five releases. The fact that this particular label has featured on SceneNoise’s Record Labels Shaping Dance Music, as well as being awarded Resident Advisor’s Label of the Month last year, speaks volumes. Kosh has a multitude of releases under his belt including his rather sublime EP, Keep Hope Alive. This contains five melancholic weapons suitable for a range of energy levels whilst maintaining a retro vibe. 


Recently, Distrikt Paris launched a record label after celebrating their fourth year of hosting electronic music events. Who did they choose for their first release? That’s right, Kosh. The Moroccan electro wizard released his new record Virtual Reality through the label. A record that contains three solid tracks and a rather dreamy remix from the Yoyaku virtuoso, Janeret. 


A1. Virtual Reality

A2. Virtual Reality (Janeret Remix)

B1. Random Chord Memory

B2. Shred It

4. Le Louche - Eleanor's Cut

“A packed EP full of great upcoming talents. Le Louche's track does it for me with the jazz rhodes keys and smooth dub grooves”


Le Louche has been making serious movements of late. Having released his EP Cohesive Counterbalance with MJOG which proved to be a huge success, the Daydream Record star has continued to hone his minimal productions. The latest example of his talent has been showcased on Artefax Movement’s Red Thread VA, which is an impactful creative platform hosted by a diverse group of friends aiming to create unique nightlife and music moments. For the third Artefax Movement series, Le Louche has contributed his own track and is named Eleanor’s Cut.


A funky dubbed rhodes track, it contains a whole spectrum of sound samples and is infused with delightful dub grooves. According to Le Louche, the track and its name is a creative by-product of an accidental scratch on his face ‘by an enthralling lady called Eleanor’. You will not be disappointed.


A1. Eleanor's Cut

5. Parsec (UK) - Addiction

“My sets will always find the right time for a Parsec tune, this one carries some weight with it. A heavy hitter.”


Based in the Welsh capital of Cardiff, Parsec is a producer who is most certainly on the up. The Inter Records boss possesses a style of music that lies in between the minimal tech/ house genre, whilst creating lots of groove samples to maintain high energy music for any dancefloor. Having discovered his love for electronic music from a young age, Parsec has been heavily influenced by minimal house legend Enzo Siragusa and the FUSE crew who have had a huge impact upon the UK underground house scene. In terms of production, Parsec has so far released records on various labels such as hedZup, Whoyostro and Floorpiece Digital. The distinct stripped back skippy sounds that Parsec is notorious for have been welcomed with open arms and it is only a matter of time before he makes it global. 


For his latest release, Parsec has joined forces with London based label Rawstreet to deliver his EP Addiction. This is a record that showcases three classy tracks, distilling house music to its core elements in fine style. The opening track Addiction is an up tempo groover containing smooth trips and bubbling house drums ensuring maximum movement for any dancefloor. Another silky groove follows, as the second track Autonoe is unleashed with a warm sound design and cosmic feels to keep you enticed. The final cut, Zipp, displays punchy kicks with a high speed tech-funk cut that woozes you all the way through. A must for any house head.


A1. Addiction 

A2. Autonoe

B1. Zipp


Jazz Thing

Check out this Jazz Thing Mehlor has released on Bandcamp. Straying away from his notorious house sounds, Mehlor used alternate production methods to create a track that is, well, all things jazz. Click on the image to listen!

Recent Movements

Recent Remix

Detic's fourth edition is brought to you by Blackdub aka Dan Black, who debuts with three solid tracks. Within the trio of songs you will find the lead track, Pure Steel, remixed by the young star Mehlor. An infectious groove, this remix has been crafted with a purpose and contains a snappy vibe which ought to get you moving. 


Recent Release

Containing three minimalist production, any deep house fan must check out Mehlor's most recent and prominent release to date. Click on the link to listen and buy.


Since moving to London, Mehlor has become a resident for the London based collective, HYVE. The platform seeks to showcase the most in-demand DJs and producers within the underground minimal scene right now. For HYVECAST number 28, it was the turn of Mehlor. An hour of straight up naughtiness.

Thanks to Mehlor.