Series III Volume II // 15.12.20

Guest Wax 

At Dance Wax we always unearth the best old records and new releases. We constantly speak to artists in order to get an exclusive lowdown on what they are listening to as well as their recent movements. Nothing formal, just an insight into what your favourite producers are jamming to. Rules are simple, we ask our guest for their current five favourite records.

Series III Volume II: Guest Wax hosts...

Remco Beekwilder


Now a highly regarded techno artist, Remco Beekwilder has been making a serious name for himself for the past five years. Born and raised in the small Dutch city of s-Hertogenbosch, Remco has since joined the long list of legendary Dutch artists who have brought so much to the techno community. Growing up, Remco was always interested in electronic music and spent a vast amount of time exploring various genres ranging from trance to hardcore and house to EDM. This led to the development of his fierce techno signature sound which initially put him on the map and eventually led him to work with the coveted label of Dax J, Monnom Black.


In 2017, Remco released a high-quality State Of Return EP on Binary Cells and his infamous LSD EP on Monnom Black, showcasing his diversity and capability as a producer with four killer tracks that reflect his artistry perfectly. The title track LSD is a twisted stomper with echo-drenched vocals that fade into the gargantuan immersed in overdriven stabs. A year later, Remco founded his own label called EMERALD which has already catalogued numerous releases including his very own debut LP Culture Vulture. This album is a reflection of his musical journey over the years and touches on everything and provided the perfect opportunity for Remco to take it back to where it all started as a bedroom producer. Featuring on the album are some quality collaborations with the likes of Stranger, Tim Tama and Nur Jaber, a connection made after playing his debut set at Berghain.


Since then, Remco has released a series of intricate EP’s including Nightlife, Public Resistance and Blurring The Lights. In fact, his most recent record Goddess Of Vice, fully embraces the underground culture with open arms, as the four-track treat drifts through tribal, hardcore and acid as he aims to create a nostalgic getaway. All these releases have come on EMERALD and almost certainly need checking out.

Guest Wax Takeover w/ Remco Beekwilder

1. Reload - Peschi

“The perfect closing track on a genius level which leaves everyone buzzing out of the door. I love the simplicity. This piece of music proves that sometimes all you need is a good chord and percussion. Nothing more and nothing less. Besides the fact this tune brings out the best of a crowd, it easily blends in every set I play. Holding back the tears listening to this.”


A1. Nasu

A2. Ptyzh

B1. Peschi

B2. Teque

[Released: 30.10.92 on Evolution]

2. F.2* - Hisser

“True rave at it’s finest! The energy of the dominant bassline keeps on giving and gets more dynamic by the minute with the dreamy elements coming through. All together it makes you float across the room and made me realise once again that music should have no boundaries as this is the best example of how techno a trance turn into a proper belter.”


A. Dominica

B. Hisser

[Released: 03.10.94 on Out On A Limb]

3. Mauro Picotto - Baguette

“A serious rush for peaktime techno. The tribal drive itself would have made a solid cut already. For this reason it’s unlikely to expect a filter anthem building up at some point. Doesn’t make it less welcome for obvious reasons.”


A. Underground

B. Baguette

[Released: 01.11.00 on BXR]

4. Exciter - Eyes In The Sky

“A hard, tribal gem by Ferry Corsten. Even though it’s predictable, it kicks in. Moving straight forward and no holding back”.


A1. Eyes In The Sky

A2. Doodlebug

B1. Trezpazz

[Released: 22.09.95 on X-Trax]

5. LaTour - Blue

“Sharon Stone is hot”.


A. Blue (Single Edit)

B. Cold

(Marks Adventerous Mix Edit)

[Released: 21.09.92 on Polydor]

Recent Movements


Culture Vulture

As far as signature sounds come, EMERALD brings together an iconic cast and their take on "Culture Vulture". The cuts that never decay, but lingers on with new life given to the originals.


Goddess Of Vice

Embracing the underground culture with open arms when it matters most, the Dutchman arrives with his 'Goddess Of Vice EP'. Drifting through tribal, hardcore and acid, he aimes to create a nostalgic getaway.

Studio Mix

Recorded throughout the summer of 2020, cherck this recent personal mix from Remco, as he delves into some high quality tunes to get us throught the recent tough times.

Operator Radio

Based in Rotterdam, Operator Radio is an online radio station that broadcasts a variety of live shows including electronic music. With an aim to help promote the very best artists, it is the turn of Remco Beekwilder, Comrade Winston & stranger to lay down some tunes.

Thanks to Remco Beekwilder.