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Guest Wax 

At Dance Wax we always unearth the best old records and new releases. We constantly speak to artists in order to get an exclusive lowdown on what they are listening to as well as their recent movements. Nothing formal, just an insight into what your favourite producers are jamming to. Rules are simple, we ask our guest for their current five favourite records.

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Temudo is a part of a new wave of artists who rely on a more contemporary edge when it comes to producing techno. Rather than relaying the standard straight kick 4x4 within his work, Temudo pays attention to the finer details and the density of textures, which if you listen closely enough has the power to elevate the listener into a hypnotic state. The highly regarded Portuguese artist expresses his techno in a raw state and it lies somewhere between ambient and psychedelic. The musical journey that Temudo has been on is unique and pays homage to the releases that he consistently delivers time and time again. His hard work within the music scene has been widely recognised, so much so that he is now regarded as one of the most important Portuguese techno artists of a new generation. Grab one of his records and you’ll find out why. 


Having started his musical journey back in 2008 with Drum and Bass productions, as well as some electro house, Temudo eventually found himself residing within the techno scene in 2015. Having released his Frog EP under his Drum and Bass alias, Medio, it was during this time period that Temudo started to receive recognition within the electronic dance music scene. The producer has always been an innovator of Drum and Bass but he eventually became interested in the ‘sobriety’ of techno, a style with its own soul. He believes that techno can differ from other scenes within the electronic dance movement, but without really borrowing influences from anyone or anything. Whilst consolidating his taste in techno, Temudo began to release more and more records containing feelings and emotions from live events and afterparties that he attended with his friends. The first track with the aesthetics that can perhaps be matched with Temudo’s most recent productions was Longe, the eighth track released by the Temudo alias. His cpmp EP released on Modulhertz in which Longe resided started to become recognised by well known DJ’s such as Sasha. The next couple of years witnessed support from the likes of Exium, Hyperactive and Emmanuel Top. 


Fast forward another year and Temudo had released The Traveler EP on Modulhertz with a remix from Advent, as well as Nihil on Planet Rhythm and a third release with artist VIL on Damon Wild’s renowned Synewave. Perhaps one of Temudo’s most important moves as of late is his creation of the Hayes Collective along with fellow artists VIL, -2, Osse and now Norbak and Enko. The group began to realise that they could try and fill a gap within the Porteguese scene, creating a collective and label that will help support young and fresh artists. Not only will this aid personal producers but most importantly it will help support the techno movement within the country and keep themselves on the global techno map. With such fast growth, Hayes is now an established label and continues to release solid techno tunes including Temudo’s Drama EP


On a more personal note, when speaking to Temduo, it is clear that the Portuguese star oozes an unprecedented passion for techno. He is an artist who immerses himself within music production with an unrivaled dedication. Having produced nearly sixty tracks in 2019, his latest releases on Clergy and Soma pay tribute to the talent that Temudo possesses. 

Top Five Wax Takeover w/ Temudo

1. Cravo - EVO EP

"Old vibes with fresh ideas, CRAVO blends the oldschool with his unique approach. True Rawness here".


CRAVO is a Lisbon-based DJ and producer who is also known as PESCA. Having already released work on well known record labels such as Carte Records, Dead Motion Records and Modulhertz-rec, CRAVO is well and truly establishing himself within the techno scene. His two latest releases come on a Portuguese based label named Hayes. This specific platform is dedicated to techno and experimental electronics based on sonic exploitation. Through their very own aesthetic, Hayes assembles an artistic collective, record label and agency that promotes art as a fundamental element of enculturation. CRAVO’s first EP on the label was named Proxy, six trippy techno tracks that take the listener on a spell bounding journey. Following on from this, his latest release EVO bears a similar resemblance…


Hitting the shelves back in April, EVO is a clever yet eloquent narrative paved on a rugged and restless ground. Throughout the EP the tracks evolve at a fast pace and their furious introversion progresses into a state of high tension and release. Special mention to the pulsating track EVO.03 with the dark grunts for vocals. 


A1. EVO.01

A2. EVO.02

B1. EVO.03

B2. EVO.04

+ more...

[Released: 24.04.20 on Hayes]

2. Shifted - The Dirt On Our Hands

"A dense journey, where every detail counts. Abstract in a clever and elegant way".


One of techno’s most forward thinking and exciting artists, Guy Brewer, AKA Shifted, uprooted his Drum and Bass beginnings with esteemed group Commix and landed in Berlin to begin his new project. Shifted has become well known for his mastery of sound and space, texture and tonalities. What his work radiates is a capacity to meld circumstance without artistic compromise and push boundaries, provoking thoughts towards progressive techno, electronic, noise and experimental music as a whole. Launched in 2011, Shifted debuted his first techno EP on Luke Slater’s well established label Mote-Evolver and has since become a pure spirit of experimentalism with a foundational functionality. He has released records on Dominick Fernow’s Bed Of Nails as well as adding recordings to his own smartly curated imprint known as Avian. This is home to techno experiments from the likes of Alessandro Cortini’s Skarn and Peder Mannerfelt.


For his latest release, The Dirt On Our Hands, Shifted has attempted to change the way his productions sound without losing their unique definition. What the new release portrays is a skeletal hypnotism of core elements that suck you in over time, leaving plenty of scope for interpretation. Released on his own imprint Avian, this LP defines his style of dry, rictus techno over eight tracks and moves between crushing kicks and slightly more melodic takes. A beautiful mix of electronic music.


A1. Eso

A2. Traces Rise

B1. Reptilian

B2. Moving Towards The Exits

+ more...

[Released: 08.06.20 on Avian]

3. Divide - Computer Music

"With his own vision, also here we see an artist combining the feeling from the 90’s with a contemporary approach. Divide’s LP is a homogeneous and serious trip".


Divide is the alias of Davide from Italian duo Syntaxism. His output is like a bridge between the old and new generations with his sounds ranging from sci-fi techno all the way to 90’s techno. Starting the new project in 2018, Divide epitomises minimal sequences, heavy drum patterns and accurate sound design, all of which have been heavily influenced by the raw sounds and grooves of older techno. Mix into this new technology and the results produced are the refined sounds of Divide. These have already been picked up by the likes of Evod Music collective and more recognised label, Warm Up Recordings. The latter may be more familiar as it is headed by techno legend Oscar Mulero, who backed Divide for his debut album Planetarium. A rather sublime thirteen track album full of twists and turns. Carrying on his short yet illusive solo career, Divide has recently delivered another exciting catalogue of tracks…

Released on the Portuguese record label Hayes, Computer Music once again confirms how much of a serious talent Divide is. Constantly immersing himself within a wide range of music, Divide records most of his work live, including the eleven tracks presented to us on Computer Music. Indulging in the creation of a transversal narrative, Divide creates a multidimensional dialect showcasing a rich tonal palette of sounds. The album is a self conquered territory where we’re allowed to stray off the intended path and act as explorers of his gripping and gritty reality.


A1. Sintesi

A2. Lettura

B1. Quantizzato

B2. Linee

+ more....

[Released: 26.06.20 on Hayes]

4. Luke Slater - Berghain Funfzehn

"Excellence from one of Techno’s main characters".


Ever since his debut release back in 1989, Luke Slater has become a central protagonist within the techno movement. As one of the genre’s most chameleonic enigmas, Slater has shifted through multiple variants whilst staying fresh throughout his expansive 25 year career as his musical productions never seems to age. With Slater there is never any time to rest, only to create and innovate as he is at the forefront of techno, providing euphoric clarity within an ever changing sonic environment. The highly regarded producer has produced a wide variety of music under a whole host of aliases, such as 7th Plain and L.B. Dub Corp. It’s under his Planetary Assault Systems (PAS) alias that perhaps he is most recently known for, having released a series of three albums for the Berghain affiliated label Ostgut Ton as well as two extended players, Straight Shooting on his own label Mote-Evolver and Plantae on Ostgut again. Not stopping there, Slater has released several albums under his own name including the sixteen track Freek Funk on Nova Mute which weaves between techno, ambient, minimal and electro. 


It has been well over a decade since Slater has released anything under his own name, but he is back with a heavyweight album for Ostgut Ton’s 15th birthday. Aptly named Berghain Funfzehn, Slater has just released some of his most deadly gear, as the album distills a collection of variegated aces switching between dry techno pounders and percolated zingers to create something of a masterpiece. Envisioning sampling and live electronic improvisations, the stripped back techno and breakbeat excursions epitomises the ever changing Luke Slater soundtrack. Numbers ‘2’, ‘3’ and ‘6’ are vital listens to any techno fan.


A1. O-Ton Reassembled 1

A2. O-Ton Reassembled 2

B1. O-Ton Reassembled 3

B2. O-Ton Reassembled 4

+ more...

[Released: 17.04.20 on Ostgut Ton]

5. Blawan - Immulsion EP

"A fresh vision on how techno music can sound".


Since Blawan released his debut record on Hessle Audio eight years ago, his music has become increasingly techno-infused and popular. Even though Blawan was locked into techno by 2012, his productions have continued to explore both experimental and straight up tropes of the genre. It was around this time that the UK artist began collaborating with the legendary Surgeon, and separately with close friend Pariah, with whom he performs under the live moniker of Karenn. It is quite clear that Blawan has fast become a key representative for the new generation of UK techno producers hooked on modular synthesizers. Blawan’s very own label TERNESC was established in 2015 and has served as the home for his latest five releases. One of his latest offerings has been the breakthrough album Wet Will Always Dry, a formidable ambitious nuanced techno record. With his analogue studio productions and immense live sets, Blawan continues to excel. 


For his latest release on TERNESC, Blawan treats us to a four track extravaganza of hard industrial techno variations. The EP is introduced by a thumping ten tonne techno beat called ‘40 Spiral’. Intertwined with nightmarish vocals, the track displays a tough and deadly techno layout enough for any high bpm set. Rolling into a more loose-limbed, lo-fi techno funk, the second track ‘Immulsion (Come To Me In Full Electric Mix)’ conveys a woozier Levon-style flip. An alternative version is available at the end of the record with ‘Immulsion (That Kind Of Kink Mix)’, containing a quirkier rhythm and more discordant riffs. Rain, the first track on the B-side, showcases a production line clang-fest. A must listen.


A1. 40 Spiral

A2. Immulsion - Come to Me Mix

B1. Rain

B2. Immulsion - That Kind of Kink Mix

[Released: 26.06.20 on Ternesc]

Recent Movements

Recent Remix

Producers Vini and Orion are back for a strong debut on Australia's very own Gynoid Audio. Within the EP you will find a remix of No Love Lost from the Portuguese maestro, Temudo. Check out his bassy remix on the video or purchase it here on Bandcamp.

Battered From The Fall

Adriana Lopez's Grey Report returns with a four track EP signed by rising stars Temudo & Norbak. The Portuguese duo join forces to showcase their distinctive way of combining unique textures with dynamic percussive components. To listen and purchase the EP, visit the Bandcamp page. 

Soma Sessions

Soma Records is ran by the dynamic duo Slam. For their Soma Sessions with Beatport, they invite the best techno artists to livestream during these difficult times. Watch the Portuguese master at work, as he delves into a heavy hitting techno set. Enjoy...

Submersive Podcast

Submersive is a Parisian techno label and podcast series managed by Process B. Each month they ask an artist to compile a mix and for their 103rd episode they invited Temudo. Full of dancefloor nostalgia, it is an hour of techno bliss. Have a listen on the Soundcloud link provided...

Thanks to Temudo.