Press: 2 // 05.06.20

Top 5 Wax of the Week 

Every week, Dance Wax carefully chooses just FIVE Extended Play records (EP's) which we think will leave their mark. An EP normally has around three to five tracks and lasts for over twelve minutes. As they are less time consuming for the artist, EP's enable regular and fresh releases for us to enjoy.


1. Truncate - Repeat

Since his first release as Audio Injection back in 2007, David Flores has been one of the major driving forces for the Los Angeles’ techno movement. Having been active within the club scene since the 1990’s, he won over listeners with his immaculate sets that consisted mainly of driving house, acid and techno. With his ever increasing popularity and success, Flores decided to launch the Truncate project in 2011. This new venture brought a completely new and fresh sound, as he decided to open the door to the global techno scene by producing deep, clean and raw techno. Born out of a need for ‘stripped-down’ techno, it is evident that the eponymous Truncate alias and label have since become an essential within the genre, regarded for the distinctive ‘less-is-more’ aesthetic. It is no surprise that over the last ten years that the American has received critical acclaim from underground powerhouses such as Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and Chris Liebing. 


Truncate’s latest release marks number twenty on his established label. The EP Repeat showcases a new look, as Flores leaves the hand stamped white labels in the past. To kick off the labels advancement, Repeat consists of three heavy techno cuts and includes a dark remix from Mexican producer Luis Flores to toughen up the EP.


A1. Repeat

A2. Repeat (Luis Flores Remix)

B1. El Sondo

B2. El Sondo (No Vox)

[Released: 01.06.20 on Truncate]


2. Vladimir Dubyshkin - Cheerful Pessimist

Hailing from the ancient city of Tambov, Vladimir Dubyshkin has recently cemented his place as the youngest family member of Nina Kraviz’s Trip label. A forward thinking record label for the brain and body, it is predominantly a platform for music that crosses boundaries and genres. Each release possesses a clear concept, connecting both art and music so that each record functions on its own, just like a family relationship. Withholding no such hierarchy, the label places each producer in their own spotlight whereby even the seemingly senseless makes sense. For Dubyshkin, Trip is the perfect safe haven. His barrelling style of techno often reaches the 135 BPM mark and more often than not contains unrelenting kicks, squelchy modular synths and some sort of booky looped vocal. 


Cheerful Pessimist was Dubyshkin’s debut release on Trip and it certainly reflects Kraviz’s tutelage. Containing tracks with stark atmospheres and various reverberating vocals, essentially the EP is a series of stripped back warped drum patterns that are fast, dizzy and weird as hell. The two tracks I Decided To Fly and Belissimo showcase beautifully distorted spoken word patterns blended into melodic elements, whilst the best way to describe Machines Behaving Badly is probably robotic chattering. Staggeringly warped, but an addictive listen.


A1. Belissimo

A2. I Decided To Fly

B1. Machines Behaving Badly

B2. Pigeon Epilepsy

B3. Rooyggbiv

[Released: 17.12.18 on Trip]


3. Toman - ENDZ035

The Netherlands has always been highly regarded for breeding some of the most astute electronic artists in the world, and with Toman this is no different. Now residing in the Dutch capital, Toman boasts a prolific streak since his first solo EP on Mihai Popoviciu’s label Cyclic back in 2017. As of late, Toman has refined his sound to produce a unique take on house and techno. This has been met with huge popularity and has landed him deals with outlets such as PIV, No Art and Blind Vision. Whilst his musical outfit is difficult to specifically categorise, his catalogue ranges from minimal and micro house to deeper yet more powerful tech-house. Perhaps the best description is the phrase “Amsterdam Sound”, an uplifting type of music full of wonky bass lines mixed in with chords and pads. It is a sound that has become global, pushing Toman up the ranks with high-profile bookings at Awakenings and Straf_work festival. With a ceaseless work ethic and a ruthless passion for minimal house music, the stage is set for Toman to continue his rise. 


Recently, Toman made his debut on Eastenderz label. His single ENDZ035 is perhaps his most high-profile single to date and could be regarded as his strongest lone release yet. The first two tracks are a perfect example of revivalist ‘90s tech-house emphasising mood and melody. On side B, Toman showcases deeper dub style techno motifs with rolling beats on A Quarter To Molly, whilst the final track No Sleep wraps subtle acid lines around a hefty tech-house groove. Keep an eye on this man.


A1.High Ceilings

A2. Le Premier

B1. A Quater To Molly

B2. No Sleep

[Released: 22.05.20 on Eastenderz]


4. Melchior Sultana - Timeless

If you haven’t already listened to the beautiful sounds of Maltese producer Melchior Sultana, then you are in for a truly transcendental treat. Over the last decade, the multi-instrumentalist has been imprinting his Mediterranean-embellished house sound through sun-soaked keys and heady European guitar notes. By understanding the various forms of sound, Sultana believes in the purity of music and that artistic execution should not be intruded by non-artistic entities. This is certainly evident in the releases Paradise and Meditteran, which soak up Mediterranean instrumentals in a bottle full of rumbling basslines and spaced-out pads. The unique sound track of Sultana has led him to play live sets in some of the most prestigious clubbing spaces such as Panorama Bar, IPSE and Rex Club. 


One of Sultana’s most acknowledged records is the Timeless EP, released on his very own Profound Sound label. The four track feature epitomises Sultana’s sound; laid back house grooves mixed with live instrumentation and blissful atmospheric keyboards. The namesake track Timeless combines an overall jazzy flair with synthesized pads and guitar chords, filling the track as a broken vocal is laid over the top. A remix courtesy of Dean Demanuele showcases a tougher version with heavier bass lines and a slightly quicker tempo to it. The remaining tracks serve up a house delight and sunnier climbs, perfect for summer vibes. Check out Sultana’s recent records too. 


A1. Timeless

A2. Timeless (Remix)

B1. The Message

B2. I'm Serious

[Released: 02.07.20 on Profound Sound]


5. Sugar - Horsepower

Based in Copenhagen, Sugar is an artist who focuses solely on the world of techno. Coming from a punk background, Sugar’s output is hard and fast with his productions representing a cavernous relentless soundtrack. This is reflected in his Fast Forward Production raves that are hosted in Copenhagen, known for showcasing fast, groovy and pounding sounds that characterise the techno scene within the city. In terms of production, his debut EP No Sex Only Feelings was released on Euromantic in 2018, on top of released tracks on the recently established Kulor label compilation. Even though Sugar’s journey only began a couple of years ago, to have support from Courtesy, Hector Oaks and Anetha speaks volumes. 


Having contributed the tunnelling track Drowner to the imprint’s inaugural release, Sugar has now followed this up with his debut EP release on the Kulor label. Horsepower demonstrates new studio techniques, and can be described literally as powerful, galloping big room techno. The four tracks contain upfront and vibrant techno whilst remaining narrow minded in its pursuit of forward motion.


A1. Horsepower

A2. Trained To The Grass 

B1. Crack The Whip

B2. Keep The Wounds Clean

[Released: 29.05.20 on Kulor]