Press: 5 // 30.09.20

Top 5 Wax of the Week 

Every week, Dance Wax carefully chooses just FIVE Extended Play records (EP's) which we think will leave their mark. An EP normally has around three to five tracks and lasts for over twelve minutes. As they are less time consuming for the artist, EP's enable regular and fresh releases for us to enjoy.

1. Ryan James Ford - Six Stair EP


Finnish-born, Scotland-based DJ and producer IDA has recently launched SAVY, an imprint dedicated to diverse sounds with a focus on exploring the myriad shades of music in relation to emotion and art. Set to represent IDS’s unique taste, the new label will cross genres and push boundaries. Transversing the spectrum of techno, electro, breaks and other distinctive sounds, Savvy is a home for up-tempo, club-orientated music from both upcoming and established artists. For their very first release, Berlin-based artist Ryan James Ford has been invited to kick it all off. Predominantly a techno DJ and producer, Ryan James Ford’s productions are always rich with inspiration from his time spent living in Calgary, where he had interests in a whole host of genres. Thus, it is no surprise that his first record for IDA’s newly launched label is a versatile and banging four-track release. A sign of what’s to come from Savy in the future, the Canadian-born producer’s Six Stair EP is a dynamic and commanding take on break beat infused emotive techno. A flawless blend of old and new.


A1. Six Stair

A2. Roscoh Denk

B1. Structure of Civilization - Youth Mix

B2. While You Were Sleep

[Released: 28.09.20 on Savy Records]

2. Casey Spillman - Bit More Raggo EP


A hotly-tipped name within the UK house and minimal scene, London’s Casey Spillman continues to impress as one of the city’s key emerging talents. Founder of his own blossoming imprint Temperature, his releases and remixes via the likes of e1ven records, Sukhumvit and Infuse have gained support from a long list of the scene’s key players - solidifying his growing profile as one of FUSE’s key up-and-coming talents, whilst featuring across a string of their infamous events within the UK capital. Next up, Spillman’s latest outing welcomes a debut on recently launched FUSE imprint LOCUS, delivering four typically impressive cuts in the form of his Bit More Raggo EP. Opening cut What I Say delivers a moody, up-front production armed with metallic percussion licks, resonant chords and driving low-ends, whilst skipping hats and sweeping key leads of the slick Gambling Man reveal a classy journey for the A-side. On the flip, both songs introduce a hypnotic combination of shuffling percussion and tripped out vocals, ending on raw drums and menacing basslines. Keep an eye on this one.


A1. What I Say

A2. Gambling Man

B1. Humidity Metre

B2. Commands

[Released: 25.09.20 on LOCUS]


3. Lumberjacks In Hell V/A - From Hell With Love

For the best part of a decade Marcel Vogel has been carefully building a reputation as a refreshing voice of authenticity in today’s musical landscape. Marcel’s reputation has been earned through persistent work and impeccable taste, there are no gimmicks or shortcuts, just a passion for raw and soulful sounds geared towards the dancefloor. Like many a DJ, Marcel found his route to the turntables through a love of Hip Hop and later house, but the gravity towards disco and soul was what really pulled him in and still reflects in hsis sets and productions. After relocating to Amsterdam in 2010, Marcel founded his esteemed Lumberjacks in Hell imprint. It started as a hub for his own edits but quickly developed into a profile for cutting edge dance floor favourites, releasing music by acts such as Karizma and Soulphiction. To celebrate their tenth birthday, Lumberjacks In Hell have recently released an eight-track double sided record lined with star studded heat from the likes of Detroit Swindle, Waajeed, Austin Ato, BoogieNite, The Message, PBR Streetgang and James Curd. Out on 28th September, expect some seriously groove ridden and perfectly formed numbers from the compilation.


A1. Austin Ato ft. Laville - Control

A2. Waajeed - What You Know

B1. BoogieNite - Boys Talkin

B2. Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules - Just Because

+ more...

[Released: 28.09.20 on Lumberjacks In Hell]


4. Various Artists - Possession EP 1

Possession is a Paris-based collective who have been hosting parties for over five years. Their huge success has led them to announce mammoth techno-oriented line-ups, as well as moving to bigger spaces to provide for more spectators. Now providing for over 3,000 dancers at each event, Possession always has huge queues outside and packed warehouses to make some of the biggest parties within the scene. They focus on providing a safe space for a queer crowd of all genders, religions, sexualities and skin colours. On top of this, Possession mix big names and upcoming artists, including the booking of more and more females, and with these names the platform has brought a whole new style to Paris including the likes of EBM, hardcore, acid and rave. Having made a name for themselves by fostering the new school techno sound led by residents Parfait, Anetha, VTSS, Shlomo, Hadone & Hector Oaks, Possession have now turned their attention to brand new records that will celebrate their fifth birthday. The first EP (Possession EP 1) features the likes of 999999999, Hector Oaks, Nene H and Pawlowski for an all slammer affair to kick things off. It’s hugely exciting times as there are still four EP’s to come which no doubt will be played in clubs around the globe.


A1. Hector Oaks - No Darkest Night Will Shut Our Light

A2. Nene H - No Pause For Reflection

B1. 999999999 - P05535510N

B2. Pawlowski - Demonic Dimensions

[Released: 25.09.20 on Possession]

5. Julian Muller - Playing With The Devil


Belgium-based French producer, DK and Initial Berlin label owner, Julian Muller has slowly been making his mark on the contemporary techno scene over the past few years. Muller initially stepped into the limelight as one half of 90 process alongside Hardone, with releases on Pushmaster Discs and 10 Pills Mate before going solo and delivering material for the likes of Arts Collective, Blue Hour and of course Lobster Theremin which will release his inaugural long player. Across the Playing With The Devil LP, Muller delivers his signature high octane aesthetic, fusing raw energetic rhythms with ethereal synth work and rave-leading influence. Tracks like His Spirit All Around, Not Afraid and Inner Fire all perfectly showcase Julian’s influence from early Hardcore, Trance and Rave music while contributions like opening cut Final Devolution, Shaping The Future and Leaving Earth edge towards a softer, more musical side with hints of Detroit techno. As well as exploring a more glitched out electronica style, Muller creates a complete long player that perfectly encapsulates his broad sonic plate.


A1. Final Devolution

A2. His Spirit All Around

B1. Not Afraid

B2. Shaping the Future

+ more...

[Released: 25.09.20 on Lobster Theremin]