Series II Volume VI // 28.10.20

Guest Wax 

At Dance Wax we always unearth the best old records and new releases. We constantly speak to artists in order to get an exclusive lowdown on what they are listening to as well as their recent movements. Nothing formal, just an insight into what your favourite producers are jamming to. Rules are simple, we ask our guest for their current five favourite records.

Series II Volume VI: Guest Wax hosts...



Ever since his first release as Audio Injection in 2007, David Flores, aka Truncate, has been a key driving force behind the Los Angeles’ techno movement. As a teenager, Flores listened to a variety of electronic music on the radio back in the 90s, and then began to mix soundtracks by the age of eighteen. Clearly possessing a talent for mixing, the emerging artist was invited to DJ across Southern California on the DIY Warehouse, desert and rave circuit, ultimately leading to his first moniker as Audio Injection. His early style was varied and portrayed a myriad of sounds ranging from house to acid, to techno and to hardcore. It was in 2008 when David decided to focus on music full-time and the rest is history. 


After a few years of honing his mixing skills, Flores released a series of original tracks which landed on several established labels such as Monoid, Stimulus, 4-Track & LA label, Droid Recordings. His early inspirations are clearly visible in both Audio Injection and Truncate productions, as Flores merges the raw energy of the 90s rave scene with smart sound design and deep musical knowledge to create nothing short of future proof weapons that have been unleashed around the world. It was in early 2011 that Flores unleashed his Truncate project, an opportunity to focus on the deeper and rawer side of techno. This was due to an experimentation involving productions of stripped down DJ tools which were passed around until they started taking off, thus the Truncate name change from resultant gig requests. Such releases have since gained critical acclaim from international underground talents such as Modeselektor, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Luke Slater, DVS1 and many, many more.


Flores has since catalogued various releases on established record labels such as TRUNCEI8HT EP on EI8HT, Level Up on Pets Recordings and Figure Jams 006 on Figure. However, most of Flores’ records are self-released on TRUNCATE, until recently he has set up a brand new sub-label called WRKTRX. Kicking things off in September, Truncate made the first release with his three-track thriller called Work This Track and only yesterday (27th October) has the label made its second release by Gene Richards Jr under the name of Shake Sequence. This label, along with all of Flores’ work old and new is hugely respected around the world. Always working on remixes, productions or his heavy tour schedule, Flores is constantly giving to the electronic music dance scene and there will be no stopping. Be sure to check out his DJs & Beers livestream show every Thursday on his Facebook, where Flores chats to a whole host of DJs about music and everyday life.

Top Five Wax Takeover w/ Truncate

1. Gemini - In My Head EP


A1. In My Head

A2. The Next Step

B1. At That Cafe

[Released: 01.09.98 on Classic]

2. Moire - Lisbon


A1. Teebs - Why Like This?

A2. Jeremiah Je - $easons

B1. Laplux - Without You

B2. Iglooghost - Bug Thief

[Released: 16.11.18 on Brainfeeder]

3. Les Femmes - Yes, You Thrill Me


A. Yes, You Thrill Me

B. Yes, You Thrill Me (Dub Mix)

[Released: 16.03.84 on Kee Wee Records]

4. Kyle HALL - The Shark EP [A2. Vexed]


A1. Shark

A2. Vexed

B1. Distant

B2. Slam Deep

+ more...

[Released: 04.06.20 on Forget The Clock]

5. Keckflip - Unionmaide 4 [B1. Ordered Bell]


A1. Stay The Course

A2. The Occulater

A3. Ordered Bell


[Released: 06.07.20 on Unionmaide Germany]

Recent Movements



Truncate's new label focuses on the rawer side of Chicago / jax trax vibes, house and techno. For the first release, Truncate delivers a three-track bomb full of fast kick-drums and percussion samples. Click on the image to listen and buy. 



The second release on WRKTRX has very recently been delivered by the hugely talented Gene Richards Jr. An EP full of jack and funk not to be missed. Click on the image to listen and buy.

DJs and Beers

If you haven't already checked this out, you must do so. DJs and Beers is a relaxed and friendly livestream whereby famous producers and DJs are invited on to chat all things music and life. Livestreamed on Facebook every week or so , this is a must watch!


Truncate has recently opened the door for other producers and for the first release, Italian artist Hertz Collision has been invited to produce a three-track thriller. Expect some energetic, jackin and driving club cuts.

Thanks to Truncate.