Wax Blends

008: Sharad Sood

For number eight in the Wax Blends series we invited the hugely talented Sharad Sood for an hour mix of atmospheric techno. Blending technical precision with sound synthesis, Sood takes us on a journey full of intricate techno cuts and electronic sounds. Not one to miss.

007: Tom Frankel

Number seven in the series is by one of the nu breed of extra talented dance producers known as Tom Frankel. Having taken the electronic music scene by storm with his fresh and forward-thinking productions, Frankel's sets are always distinct and powerful. Expect banging UKG beats and breaks.

006: Wez Baldwin

Number six in the series is a flawless hour journey of minimal house goodness from Dublin-based producer, Wez Baldwin. He continues his talented work for Wax Blends, so expect a range of smooth catchy kick drums, mixed with thick bass lines and silky chords for the last of the summer rays. 

005: Melchior Sultana

Born in Malta, the beautifully talented composer and multi instrumentalist, Melchior Sultana, joins us for our fourth mix of the series. Delivering an hour of seriously dreamy deep house, immersed in drowsy chords, melodies and down-tempo jazzy cuts, Sultana puts a new emphasis on Sunday Listening.

004: Measure Divide

Toronto-based artist, Measure Divide, has been pushing the envelope of techno for over a decade. He is constantly finding new and innovative techniques that allow him to lead an altered approach, often producing music in the realm of techno, industrial and post-punk. An hour of tasty techno.

003: Esox Lucius

Born in the late 90's, Esox Lucius was heavily influenced by the old school sounds which transmitted into his productions of beautifully spaced-out techno. His very own label, Mirror Trax, is a platform revolving around recordings of live jams with analog and digital hardware. Check it & Lock in...

002: Aiden Francis

Aiden Francis has a pure passion for electronic music that radiates throughout his productions and DJ sets.  He always provides powerful and energetic DJ sets. Expect house, breaks, rave, electro and techno to create a euphoric sounds such as this stunning one hour mix... Enjoy.

001: Andy Kas

Andy Kas is a DJ/ producer with a love for the dreamy, funky and jazzy side of house music . With the help of swinging percussions, funky basslines and cosmic pads, he creates his very own colour of dance music. His sets behave in the same intensity as he does... Plug in.